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Crisis On Infinite Earths: Erica Durance To Pull Double Duty

Erica Durance

Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming and it’s not just the Arrowverse at stake. The entire DC multiverse will be in the firing line. But there’s a massive surprise coming for fans of Supergirl and Smallville in regards to actress Erica Durance.

We’ve known for a while that Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming with a vengeance. It’s just the Arrowverse which will be in the firing line of the event. Almost every DC television series that has aired between 1990 to present day will be affected. This includes fan-favourite series Smallville which ended in 2011 which featured Tom Welling and Erica Durance.

For Supergirl fans, they know Durance as the second actress to take on the role of Kara (Melissa Benoist)’s mother, Alura Zor-El after Laura Benanti bowed out. We learned that the matriarch of the surviving members of the House of El was alive and living on Argo City which and broken away from Krypton when it exploded.

News has come to light from Entertainment Weekly that Erica will be be pulling double duty in the crossover.

Double Shifts

Erica Durance
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Erica Durance is no stranger to Supeman lore with her roles as Lois Lane and Alura Zor-El. Though we never though she’d reprise both characters in the same event.

Thanks to the early planning, executive producer Marc Guggenheim states they didn’t want their version of Crisis on Infinite Earths to be about just the Arrowverse. They wanted to include as many other DC properties as they could which included Smallville. What he didn’t reveal was that Erica would also return as Kara’s mother. Its mentioned Alura will appear in the Supergirl hour (part 1) of the event while the Smallville version of Lois will appear in the Batwoman hour (part 2) with Clark.

What makes this so exciting it’s the chance for both characters to appear after a long absence. We haven’t seen Alura since the Supergirl Season 3 finale and Smallville ended in 2011.

Where Lois And Clark Ended Up After Smallville Ended

Erica Durance
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Smallville fans will be thrilled have Lois and Clark together again on the Kent farm when the Batwoman hour airs. According to Durance, her first day back on the Kent farm was ‘weird but in a good way’.

She also states that when Lois and Clark appear in the crossover, fans will see what they’ve been doing since Smallville. It’s mentions that the actress was surprised when the producers reached out to her about Lois. She said:

My first thought was like, ‘Really? How are you going to manage this?’

She continues by saying:

But the writers are just spectacular about how they can pull all the different shows together and all of these different characters, and they make sense of all the time lines. So I was at first very, very curious to see what it would be, and getting to actually go out and do it, I of course was very excited to go back and get to play Lois again.

Guggenheim, who is a massive Smallville fan mentioned that the Batwoman episode was written perfectly by showrunner, Caroline Dries. He also said that it answered a load of questions he hd after the series ended.

Alura Theories

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

There’s no information about how much of a role Alura will have in the Supergirl first hour. There’s a couple way they could go about her appearance.

Our first theory is when we meet Lois and Clark in the event, they’re on Argo with their newborn son, Jonathan and Alura happens to be with them. When they sense Crisis coming, they flee and make it to Earth-38 just in time to jump through a portal to Earth-1 just as their home implodes.

Our second theory is Alura is already on Earth when Crisis begins but is killed in the fallout, leaving her family devastated.

Theory number three is, like she did all those years ago on Krypton with Kara, she sends Clark, Lois and the baby to Earth in an escape pod, allowing herself to die when Argo and Earth-38 are destroyed.

Our final theory is Alura is Smallville Lois’s Earth-38 counterpart. It would be really crazy if the two characters met. We would lose our minds if this happened!

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