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The Bold And The Beautiful: Eric Fumes At Quinn Over Her Actions

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Quinn thinks she’s doing the right thing by exposing Brooke. She only received a grilling from Eric!

Quinn didn’t expect the effects of her exposure of Brooke and Bill to backfire on her. Her husband fumes at her for her actions. She still is justifying everything she did as being in the best interest of the family. We also know she’s delusional to the point she thinks she is the Forrester Matriarch.

However, Eric doesn’t see it in the same way and nor should he. While he doesn’t approve of what his ex-wife did, he still believes in Brooke and Ridge and is praying that they get back together. The patriarch fumes that his spouse should never have gotten involved. She even tries to justify that Brooke should have been kicked out of the Forrester clan years ago.

Donna Tries To Play Meditator

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Poor Donna! She’s caught between her sisters and there’s little she can do as she cannot take sides. As much as she loves both Brooke and Katie, she attempts to get her older sibling to face their younger one. Now, it’s only more complicated now that Ridge is shacking up with Shauna in Las Vegas.

What makes this even harder for Donna is that if she even tries to talk Katie into forgiving Brooke, she’ll be accused of taking sides. This is what makes it difficult thought she can still issue advice. Talk about awkward.

Should Eric Divorce His Wife?

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Now, you’d be surprised how many people are Team Brooke in this storyline. In an article on Soap Hub, a poll was conducted and showed the following results:

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Team Brooke is leading the way by a massive landslide. It’s obvious that she’s the better character. She doesn’t stoop to Quinn’s level. Yes, she has done some stupid things. Sleeping with her son-in-law and getting pregnant by him and then hooking up with her brother-in-law a few times is pretty bad. However, she hasn’t committed attempted murder.

Brooke doesn’t resort to threatening others the way Quinn does. Her rival doesn’t think her plan through all the way. She might have achieved her goal of revenge, but never in a million years did she consider Ridge or Katie.

So, if Eric does consider divorcing his rotten wife, he will need to be careful. She could plot take some of his fortune. He doesn’t know how devious she can be. The Forrester Patriarch married the ‘good’ version of Quinn. Not the ‘evil’ one.

Quinn might be good at putting on the an act in front of her ‘family’ but it will only push the point that the Forresters tried make before Eric made the hasty decision to marry her. If she thinks Brooke is a gold digger, she needs to take a good hard look at herself in the mirror. Wyatt’s mother married into money and to an elderly guy with a soft heart for strong-willed women.

If we were Eric, we’d dump Quinn’s scheming butt and kick her right back to Vegas where she belongs. She has had one too many chances to not start feuds and she has turned around and done the opposite. She thinks she’s the Forrester Matriarch but she never knew Stephanie. If she had, she’d be running for the hills.

As the fumes continue to swirl, Quinn and Brooke are just going to keep being at each other’s throats.

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