Royal Split: Are Harry And Meghan Endangering Themselves Without Having Security

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The last few weeks for the royal family has been messy to say the least, but have Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan endangered their lives by splitting from the royal family?

It came as a shock when it was announced that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were splitting from the royal family. It comes after months of ridicule and issues that go back to after Harry’s mother, Princess Diana was killed in that car crash in Paris in 1997. While it is understandable that they would want to avoid the media given their treatment of the former actress, are the couple endangered by leaving the royal family?

The Media Hates Meghan

While we don’t like or love the Duchess of Sussex, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. The media has turned on Meghan for no reason. She has been criticised for everything while her sister-in-law, Catherine can do nothing wrong despite doing the same thing. One example is when the future Queen Consort was seen cradling her baby bump when she was pregnant with her three children. The media couldn’t help but coo over her.

When Meghan did the same thing when she was pregnant with Archie, she was ridiculed and accused of faking her pregnancy. Also, the media has hated that the women Harry chose to marry is biracial, American and divorced. There’s other factors too but they don’t care if these young royals are endangered or not. They only want to side with the Meghan’s nothing-but-cruel family.

Also, Piers Morgan is no help. He has criticised Meghan all because she ghosted him. Like we mentioned before, we don’t love Meghan, but we don’t hate her either.

The Royal Family Isn’t Like Hollywood

Meghan’s friends warned her about dating a royal. They said it was fine to date Harry but not to marry him. She ignored their advice and now she’s paying for it.

Meghan had been in Hollywood years and during that time, she married her first husband before they got divorced a couple of years later. However, she only had about 18 months worth of ‘training’ to deal with the royal family. Catherine, Harry and Meghan’s sister-in-law had eight years as she and William were on-off in that time.

While Meghan handed the struggles of Hollywood and came out the other end, she thought joining the royal family would the same. She was wrong on such a huge scale. It isn’t her fault, but she should have listened to her friends first.

The Queen Dishonoured Her Grandson

For years, it has been assumed that the Queen has a spot soft for Harry as she appeared with him in a video for the Invictus Games a few years back. However, it appears Harry and Meghan released their press release without alerting the Queen and her PR department first.

Now, she has basically given them an ultimatum, telling them that they been half in the royal family and half out like they wanted. As Harry said in his speech, he wanted to stay involved with his military charities but was unable to.

It’s obvious the Queen has not learned her lesson from what happened with Diana. The Royal family did not support the Princess of Wales after the divorce and if they had supported her, she wouldn’t have died in Paris. If the Queen respected her grandson, she should be willing to see things from his perspective.

Is what the Queen doing wrong? Yes. She should have thought about her grandson’s mental health issues from when his mother was killed that are still affecting him today. if the scene from the film, The Queen is any indication, the Her Majesty didn’t think Diana’s death would affect the people of Britain that much. However, when she saw the sea of flowers outside the palace she was quick to change her tune.

She needs to remember that Harry was just a 12-year-old kid when his mother died. While Diana’s death affected both Harry and William, it would’ve affected Harry more given his age. It’s not something a lot of people get over.

Is The Royal Split Going To Affect Archie?

When people talk about the royal split, much of time they forget about the other person involved; baby Archie. That little boy is endangered by everything that is going between his parents and his great-grandmother. While it’s understandable Harry and Meghan want to divide their time between the UK and Northern America, where does that put their son?

Do they realise that they’re cutting him off from his British cousins? When George and Charlotte were born, Harry spent a lot of time bonding with them simply being Uncle Harry. When he married Meghan and they had Archie, it’s like the kids haven’t even met their new cousin. While we’re sure Harry would want his son knowing his older cousins, ripping those kids apart is unfair given how close he and William were growing up.

We’re not going to pin the blame on Meghan and tell her to grow a thicker skin. That’s sinking to the level of the British media who are racists, no matter what way they spin it. We just feel that despite Archie’s age, he should be allowed to know his cousins and his Uncle William and Aunty Catherine.

Will The Split Backfire?

While it’s not our place to speculate whether the royal split will backfire, we have to say maybe. Without security, the Sussexes’s lives are endangered. If Diana had had still had security, she would still be alive today to meet her grandchildren. She also wouldn’t have gotten into a car with a drunk driver.

There’s rumours claiming that Meghan signed on to do voiceover work for Disney. It’s rumoured that the work will help a fund a charity involving elephants. Also, when Harry and Meghan attended the European premiere of The Lion King last year, they pitched ideas to Jon Favreau who directed the movie. Disney nor the couple of the palace have confirmed the rumours.

The split might even bring more issues like the public might hate the couple more because they’re ‘disrespecting the Queen’. They’re not disrespecting the Queen. They’ve tried talking to her and for evening everything out. But the monarch has said no, it’s either in or out and they chose out.

What’s your take on the royal mess? Comment below!

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