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Bill and Quinn Have Zero Empathy For Sally!

Bill and Quinn might hate each other, but they have one thing in common: they hate Sally. How is their zero empathy approaching go to work when they learn the poor girl is dying?

It’s no secret that Wyatt’s parents, Quinn and Bill have no empathy for Sally Spectra. The poor girl has been given a terminal diagnosis that only Katie knows about. While it’s unclear what this mystery illness is, the promo says she only has a month to live. She also doesn’t want anyone to know, especially her ex.

Sally has always had a no-pity attitude and doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her. Katie understands what she’s feeling as she too has had a few near death experiences of her own. She thinks telling those closest to her will make it easier on Sally, though her young friend doesn’t want anyone’s compassion despite what her fate is.

We’ll see Katie tell Bill and Wyatt about what’s going, despite Sally telling her not to say anything. Father and son are going to be floored and it might just some empathy in the media mogul.

Will Quinn Care?

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In the most recent episode, Quinn and Shauna begin planning Wyatt and Flo’s wedding as if the on-off couple are already engaged. The Vegas mothers want nothing more than their children to be married, though Flo tells them that she and her man are taking it slow and aren’t rushing it.

Quinn, of course, does no empathy towards Sally not wanting to accept her engagement is over. However, will she change her tune when she learns of what’s happening? She’s always been unpredictable but knowing her like we do, she probably won’t care.

If Sally is out of the way permanently, it means there are no obstacles for Wyatt and Flo. As horrible as that sounds, it’s what would be going through Quinn’s mind once she finds out. It’s just who she is.

Will Flo And Shauna Show Empathy?

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Despite how we feel about Flo and Shauna, they have more empathy than Quinn does in her whole body! The blondes showed their compassion in today’s episode while Eric’s wife just walked over them saying that Sally’s nothing and not good enough for her precious son.

If the grim reaper appears at Sally’s deathbed, we can hope that Flo will want to help ease her rival’s suffering. Soap Dirt has suggested that maybe the younger Fulton will allow her beau and his ex to marry before she dies. That way, Sally will be with the man she loves as she dies.

Shauna will likely support this, given how her daughter is. She mightn’t like Sally all that much, but she wouldn’t want her to suffer. Showing empathy for a dying woman might force her to step back from pursuing Ridge.

Flo has caused so much heartache that she just wants to set things right the best she can.

Will Bill Change His Tune About Sally?

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Spoilers reveal that Katie will tell her fiancé what’s going on and he’s going to be shellshocked. Despite his own feelings towards Sally, Bill has always known her to be firecracker and a fighter. Sure, he might not like the fashion designer any more than Quinn does, but at least he has a conscious.

Since he cleaned up his act, Bill has become a decent human being and Katie has given him who knows how many chances. He’s become a devoted father to his boys and a loving grandfather to his two granddaughters, Kelly and Beth.

Unlike Quinn, Bill’s empathy comes down to the person, regardless if he likes them. He realises that he’s caused Sally some pain the past and he regrets it almost killing her and Liam when he wanted the Spectra lot to build his beloved, Skye.

Bill appears to respect Sally to a degree, but not fully. Hearing that the redhead is dying might change his views on her, though it would be interesting to see how much.

Sally and Bill have had their issues but both tolerate the other for Wyatt’s sake. Sure, Sally has come close to shooting the mogul, but she was protecting her family’s company and her great-aunt Sally’s legacy. If there’s one person who knows a thing or five about sick family, it’s Bill. He almost lost Katie more times than we can count.

Quinn Should Just Shut Up

Quinn has been a thorn in everyone’s side since her arrival in LA. She thinks she’s above everyone else because she’s married to Eric. Her opinions are only valued by her husband. Even Wyatt has issues with her at times. Oh, did we mention that she hates everyone?

What makes her so insufferable is how she just assumes she’s the Forrester Matriarch and she’s convinced that Brooke will just bow down to her because she’s married to Eric. Fat chance of that happening and the eldest Logan actually has history with the Forrester family. Quinn arrived like almost a decade ago as a former flame of Bill and s Wyatt’s mother.

The woman hasn’t changed and will NEVER show empathy to Sally. She just hasn’t got a sympathetic bone in her body.

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