Something Borrowed Author Emily Giffin Tells Duchess Meghan To ‘Go Away’ On Archie’s First Birthday – Talk About Spiteful!


Say what you want about the Duchess of Sussex, but she does not deserve to cope spiteful comments on her son’s first birthday!

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex might not be anyone’s favourite person right now, but she does NOT deserve to cope slack on son Archie’s first birthday. Author Emily Giffin, best known for the chicklit novel, Something Borrowed has unleashed a disgusting attack on the former royal mother-of-one.

According to Nine Honey, the author has called the duchess ‘unmaternal’ and ‘a phony’ for the video that was posted to social media of the new mum reading a book to her son. We’re also certain that ‘unmaternal’ isn’t a word! Giffin is an author with a series of novels under her belt!

What makes Giffin’s attack on Meghan despicable is that she even posted a message exchange between herself and a friend talking about how they hate the way the duchess parents Archie. Here’s a screenshot we found of her horrible messages:

[Credit: Twitter]

This woman just doesn’t get it. She herself is a mother of three children. Meghan is a new mother to a one-year-old and has her entire time as a royal being ridiculed by not just the public, but the media. Emily Giffin should look at herself in the mirror. She should think about the way she parents her own kids. Not to mention, she doesn’t know Meghan. Also, what gives her the right to criticise her parenting? Absolute ZERO! How would she feel if something criticised her style of parenting? She’d be on social media blasting trolls!

Troll, Troll, Troll!

Giffin is exactly that. A troll that the world doesn’t need right now. We’re in the middle of a freaking pandemic and this woman thinks people will agree with her opinion on vile posts posted on a little boy’s first birthday? OMFG! This same woman is also a Harry and Catherine shipper. Ahh… The Duchess of Cambridge has never seen her brother-in-law romantically. She’s probably thinking of the rumoured romance Harry had with Pippa people wanted so desperately to happen back in the day.

Truth of the matter is, Giffin needs to get over herself. Sure, she can fume to her friends about her hatred for Meghan privately but don’t broadcast it all over social media! You’re a 48-year-old woman with nothing else better to do while in isolation. Grow some boobs, already and just shut up! Stop wasting our time. We also don’t care if you’ve issued an apology as it’s a bit late for that. You wouldn’t be in the news if you had just kept your mouth shut!

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