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Author Emily Giffin Apologises For Her ‘Mean’ Criticism Of Duchess Meghan… We Don’t Believe Her And She’s Only Wants You To Buy Her New Book!


No matter how you might feel about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, she did not deserve the mean criticism she was dealt on her son’s first birthday from author Emily Giffin.

She’s the duchess that everyone loves to hate on, but Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan doesn’t deserve all the criticisms she has been dealt since joining the royal family. About a month ago, we reported that author Emily Giffin, who infamously wrote Something Borrowed, posted her thoughts of the Duchess of Sussex’s birthday video for son Archie. In her social media comments, she called the royal wife ‘unmaternal’ and to ‘go away’. Not only was this mean spirited, it was also uncalled for, especially on a little boy’s birthday.

Now, the author has apologised for her ‘mean’ comments as she begins to promote her new novel. Is it just us, or is she only apologising now because she wants people to buy her new book. Also, she should have apologised when the backlash happened.

Giffin’s mean comments were uncalled for and undignified and it was more about her own fantasy world than it was about Meghan. She’s clearly got an issue with the idea of a woman of the duchess’ standing being a member of the most famous families in the world. She even ships Catherine and Harry together. Eww…

She should have issued an apology much earlier than she has and doing this now has only showed what a shallow person Giffin is. If people criticised her for her parenting skills, she would be on Instagram blasting them. She’s nothing more but a bully who is only interested in fulfilling her own agenda.

Look At Yourself In The Mirror

Just because you have a following through your books does not give you the right to criticise a new mother. There’s a load of people out there who mum shame new mothers when they don’t even know them. We’ve heard plenty of stories about how parents or people who aren’t mothers or fathers criticise people because they don’t like how something is perceived.

Giffin should look at the way she parents her own kids and not criticise Meghan for how she interacts with Archie. It is not her concern and the duchess can raise her son in whatever she wants.

Also, you made yourself look even more guilty by posting that private text message exchange you had with a friend. Sure, people will agree with you, but it should done in the DMs and not posted for the whole world to see.

It’s fine not to like someone, but to insult Meghan over something as trivial as a fun video to celebrate Archie’s birthday is just plain mean. Your comments are unjust and unfair. We don’t like the duchess either but we don’t go around blasting every little thing she does. There are limits and you should know yours.

We Don’t Believe You, Ms. Giffin!

Do we believe Giffin is sincere? Not for a second. She’s only apologising because she got caught and because it would taint any chance she has of selling her latest book. If you were really sorry, you would’ve put out a statement a month ago.

If we could offer Emily one piece of advice, it would be to reap what you sow or even better, think about how hurtful your words could be before you say them.

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