Meghan Markle Demands To See Emails Regarding The Bullying Allegations


It has been alleged that Meghan has ‘demanded’ to see emails regarding the bullying allegations made against her by former Kensington Palace staff…

Here we go… again… Meghan Markle has allegedly been demanding to see the emails regarding the bullying allegations made against her ‘good character’, according to The Daily Mail. The duchess has apparently written to Buckingham Palace to see if she can see every document, email, and text regarding the revelations of her bad behaviour when she was a working royal.

Now, here’s the problem we have with this. Meghan shouldn’t be granted access to those emails or anything related to the inquiry. The reason for this is because she could sue the alleged victims for libel. What makes this such a petty thing for her to do has to do with her obviously realising that they’re onto her. Jason Knauf is a smart man. He saved the emails in question for a rainy day. Also, when the news of the bullying was originally reported, there was no reference to texts and other documents. So, where did this come from.

If the Daily Mail is reporting this correctly and Meghan actually has asked to see every claim made, then it makes us think she’s going to spin it as she so often does. She is also scrambling to make it look like the Kensington Palace staff were out to get her. Hmmm… that is what Princess Diana once said about the Men in Grey Suits who hated her.

The Duchess of Sussex has declared all out war on her royal in-laws by claiming the bullying allegations – which dropped prior to the Oprah interview – were a ‘smear campaign’. Please, she knows it isn’t but she is refusing to accept that this is a fight she is going to lose big time. Now, why would people who are not A-list support her when there’s literal evidence of her lies?

Respect Is About Telling The Truth

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Now, Jason Knauf is a respectable guy who is now working for the Royal Foundation. In other words, for William and Catherine’s charity. If The Times is correct (and we know they are), the victims deserve to have their own voices heard. Meghan cannot be the only one. Also, she is meant to be about empowering women to speak up. Having people sign Non Disclosure Agreements just silences the victim and allowing the perpetrator to get off scot free because they have a title.

Meghan can jump and down and scream all she wants that she was the victim, but the truth is going to come out. She is not as powerful as she believes she is. If anything, Harry should be held accountable too as he told Mister Knauf not to report his wife’s behaviour. Not long after this, the communications chief said “I quit!” This is a man with integrity. He knew what the Duke of Sussex asked him to do wasn’t right but there wasn’t much he could do about it. It would’ve been his word against the Sussexes.

Now, the Duchess might believe she has power, but she doesn’t know the first thing about being a victim. She is merely continuing Diana’s narrative, thinking she is the Princess of Wales reborn. The late mother-of-two would never treat staff like crap. Look at Paul Burrell as a prime example. He was more than just her butler, but a dear friend whom he confided in about his sexuality.

Meghan’s staff never lasted long enough to form a close relationship with her. Also, how can she and Harry explain the nine staff leaving in the course of 18 months? Knowing them, they’ll probably say the total opposite of what was claimed in Jason Knauf’s emails.

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