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Elseworlds: Who Is Nora Fries?

Nora Fries

[Article contains minor spoilers for Elseworlds, part 2]

Her husband received a mention from Thomas Snow in the Flash episode, The Icicle Cometh. Nora Fries had a small role in the second part of the Elseworlds crossover, but who is she, really?

Cassandra Jean Amell made her Arrowverse debut as Nora Fries in yesterday’s Elseworlds part 2. Her role was short and sweet as she goes up against Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost. However, the question remains: who is Nora Fries? How will she play a role in future Arrowverse stories?

Origin Story

Nora Fries was born as Nora Smithy and met her future husband, Victor Fries while attending boarding school. Coming down a fatal illness, Victor became desperate to save his ailing wife. He realised he could save her by putting her under cryostasis. By doing this, it allowed Victor time to find a cure.

Victor made a deal with Nyssa al Ghul to help her capture Batman’s female sidekick, Batgirl. In exchange for helping her, Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter would render her assistance in saving Nora by using the Lazarus Pit.

Becoming Lazara

In their attempt to save Nora’s life, Victor and Nyssa created an abomination. Nora became broken during her time in cryostasis. When Nyssa and Victor placed her in the waters of the pit, she gained a dangerous ability. Her new abilities allowed her to reanimate those who had died and to conjure flame. Think of her as an evil version of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four without the reanimation of corpses part.

Her Role In Elseworlds Crossover

A few months ago, it was announced Cassandra Jean Amell would star in the Elseworlds crossover as Nora Fries. 

The character appeared during the Arkham Asylum fight scene during the Arrow hour. Nora was one of the inmates that escaped her cell. She went searching for her husband’s cold gun when Caitlin came across her. Nora is seen as criminally insane and uses Victor’s cold gun against Killer Frost.

Since Nora escaped, it’s unknown what happened to her in the chaos of the inmates getting out of their cells.

What Does Her Future In The Arrowverse Hold?

Nora’s escape brings the possibility she may return to the Arrowverse. It’s uncertain how, but with Batwoman due to get her own television series, Nora may play a role in that. It would make the most sense given she’s more associated with the Batfamily than with any other group of characters.

Elseworlds concludes with the Supergirl portion, part 3 only on The CW.

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