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Elseworlds: Who Is Black Suit Superman?


Hour Two of the Elseworlds crossover introduced a Black Suited Superman when John Deegan used the Book of Destiny to make himself a hero. But, who is Black Suited Superman in the comics and how different is he to his Arrowverse counterpart?

The Arrowverse pulled out all the stops for its annual crossover this year. They had Tyler Hoechlin return as Clark Kent/Superman was amazing to see! Hoechlin is my favourite Superman because he makes the character fun. Don’t get me started on Henry Cavill! Anyway,  During the final seconds of Hour Two, the audience gets a glimpse of Hoechlin in the black Superman suit.

The black Superman suit was to appear in Justice League, but the scene was scrapped. Thanks, Joss Whedon! Anyway, in Elseworlds the black suit Superman wasn’t Clark Kent at all. We mean that literally. While it looked like Clark, it was actually John Deegan, the crazed doc the Monitor gave the Book of Destiny to alter reality. Not exactly the greatest idea when the guy wants to be treated like a god.

So, who was black suit Superman in the comics? 

Depending on the storyline, the suit is as iconic as the actual Superman suit.

The most famous version of the black suit appeared in the Death and Return of Superman saga. We’ve seen this storyline play out in the Worlds of DC films Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. However, we never saw the suit. The black suit is a symbol of resurrection and mortality. The second version of the story has Supes with a beard and a mullet while he gained mortality.

Arrowverse Black Suit Superman

In the Arrowverse, Superman didn’t die in the Elseworlds crossover. The suit was used to show the difference between Clark and Deegan. During the Supergirl hour of the event, we see Clark and Deegan fight each other. Having them in different coloured suits makes it easier to tell them apart.

There’s more to the story, but I just wanted to provide the cliff notes version.

Did you miss the Elseworlds event? Have no fear! The event is streaming right now on The CW app.

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