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Elseworlds: Breaking Down Batwoman


For months, The CW teased Batwoman’s Arrowverse debut in the Elseworlds crossover. Well, the event has come and gone and fans are still buzzing with excitement over the character’s introduction. But, how much do we know about her in the Arrowverse?

Months ago The CW announced Batwoman’s debut to the 2018 Arrowverse crossover. This came with an additional announcement of Kate Kane getting her own show in 2019. With the crossover event now over, let’s examine who Kate Kane is as a character.

Family Ties

In the Arrowverse, Kate is the cousin of Bruce Wayne. While it’s not said how, Kate is the niece is Master Bruce mother, Martha. The late Mrs Wayne’s brother was Kate’s father. If the Batwoman series goes ahead, we’ll have it explained.

Kate’s sexuality doesn’t define whom she is as Bruce’s successor. According to her scene with Kara, she and Bruce were close growing up.

Out And Proud

For anyone unfamiliar with Kate’s comic book origins, she’s a proud lesbian.  In the comics, her love interests included Maggie Sawyer and Renee Montoya. Since Maggie was in Supergirl, it’s unlikely she’ll appear in Batwoman as a love interest. Remember, Batwoman will take place in Earth-1 Gotham City. Renee Montoya would be the better fit for Kate.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looking at Kate, you see a woman with short brunette hair and who knows how many tattoos. As Batwoman, she’s shrouded in mystery, dressed like her famous cousin. As Cisco puts it, she’s an overall badass.

After seeing the crime rate in her beloved Gotham City rise after Batman’s disappearance, Kate has the world on her shoulders. She feels the same burden Bruce did when he was Batman.

Doesn’t Take Kindly To Strangers

If there’s one thing Kate and Bruce have in common, it’s their distrust of strangers. Barry mentioned Kate’s hatred of strangers when he, Oliver, and Kara were trying to work out what to do next. When things take a turn for the worse, Kate shows up in her Batwoman and berates Barry and Oliver for not leaving when she said to.

With this being said, Kate is like Bruce because she doesn’t want more trouble in Gotham than there already is. However, she comes to trust Kara, which must have been a first for her to trust someone who wasn’t from Gotham.

A Little Friendly Gadget Fire

Like Bruce, Kate had a load of gadgets she used in combat. While we only witness her grappling gun and a Batarang, she would have other gadgets floating around her Batcave. Also, she has the coolest password for Wayne Enterprises: Alfred.


Kate Kane is an impressive character. Not only is she out and proud about her sexuality, she is a far cry from her broody cousin. While she has known tragedy in her comic book past, this is yet to be explored in the Arrowverse.

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