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Elseworlds: 90s Flash Series Now Part Of Arrowverse Canon

This year’s Arrowverse crossover is gathering steam and its only going to get bigger. Fans of The Flash will remember 90s Flash actor, John Wesley Shipp as Barry’s father, Henry Allen and Earth-3 Flash, Jay Garrick. This year, he’s joining the crossover, but not in the way, you’d expect…

Great news Arrowverse tragics because John Wesley Shipp is headed back to basics and is donning his 90s Flash suit once again. The explanation comes from the teaser shown after last week’s Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash episodes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we learn there’s more than the 53 Earths we learned about in last year’s crossover. The teaser showed there’s an Earth-90 – a reference to the 90s Flash series – and Shipp’s Flash is from there.

There’s also a scene in the Behind-the-Scenes video where a clip shows 90s Flash introducing himself as Barry Allen. Because this older Flash is played by John Wesley Shipp, he’ll serve as a counterpart to Barry’s dad like Earth-3 Jay Garrick does. No doubt that’ll spark some painful memories for Earth-1 Barry.

In the BTS video, which I’ll post below, Grant Gustin reveals he was jealous of Stephen Amell for getting be in his Flash suit when John Shipp was on set in his Flash suit. God, I cannot wait to see how everything ties together with 90s Flash.

 I also cannot wait to see Barry’s reaction  when he meets 90s Flash. It’ll be like looking at his dad all over again but with his [Barry’s] name. I hope they include 90s Flash in The Flash after the crossover. It would be cool to see another version of Barry running around with Earth-1 Barry.

Here’s the link to the video:

Elseworlds continues The CW

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