Meghan’s Appearance On Ellen Shows How Out Of Touch She Is


The appearance on Ellen that Meghan did is still causing backlash, and it’s only been a week. Originally, we weren’t going to address this as everyone else has covered the story from every angle possible. Though, we wanted to go over how insanely out of touch it was for a woman with a royal title who trashed her in-laws on national television to be parading around like an idiot sucking on a baby bottle.

Meghan is trying to rebrand herself as this down-to-earth woman who is a mother and wife. Umm… didn’t she already try the “down-to-earth” approach when she wore a messy bun on her wedding day? However, it seems that she doesn’t appear to get the memo when it comes to the celebrity lifestyle she craves. Ellen has been exposed as a horrible human being to her staff where she treats them like peasants. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Ellen should’ve been the last chat show host Meghan should’ve spoken to regarding her rebrand. Markle doesn’t think before she acts and that’s saying something seeing as she’s not much of an actress. Anyway, she comes across as someone who doesn’t like to be humiliated. The Body Language Guy, Jesús Enrique Rosas did a couple of videos detailing how uncomfortable the former actor was doing those stupid stunts. In the one linked here, The Body Language Guy speaks about Meghan’s body language during the gaslighting segment.

We haven’t watched the Ellen interview, but we have seen bits of it and it does not get more cringy than what you see.

The Two Ellen Stories

So, two stories have come up. The first was in the interview itself while the second Jesús brings up during his video.

The story Meghan tells Ellen is one she recycled from before she met Harry and how she had to drive a crappy car to auditions in the early days of her acting career. Anyway, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha has slammed this story as being false. Thomas, their father backed his eldest daughter’s claim, according to the NZ Herald. Our dear friend, Sue Smith explained what Samantha says in her video, “The Ellen Show DeBunk”.

Then, the second story was that Meghan had allegedly met Ellen and her wife Portia De Rossi at a dog shelter where she adopted one of her dogs, the one she has since abandoned. However, in 2017 after Markle got engaged to Harry, the talk show host took a jab at her and said she didn’t remember the story herself. Now, this is a few years before Ellen was exposed as toxic. Also, why would Ellen make a joke about this back then if it wasn’t true? Who knows what is true with her nowadays. Her show is ending next year and she’s hoping that talking to Meghan will get her a boost in the ratings.

What really boggles people’s minds is Meghan makes out that they’re good friends. Just because you’re neighbours with someone, doesn’t automatically make them your friend. Now, if you’re such good friends, why wasn’t Ellen invited to the wedding?

Meghan was sure to invite George and Amal Clooney who she didn’t know as Harry’s godmother mentioned. The only link to the royals they have is to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, at least to our knowledge.

The Weird Skit

So, the whole reason we’re here is because of that god awful skit Meghan did with Ellen telling her what to do. As many people have pointed out, it was undignified for a British royal to squat or to suck milk from a baby bottle. So much for Meghan’s claim that she tries to eat vegan.

Anyway, so many people have called her out for her actions on even allowing Ellen to talk her into it. All know Ellen was enjoying it. The small things we saw during what we have seen of the interview makes us think that perhaps the goal was to make Meghan look as idiotic as possible. Did she succeed? Yeah, she most definitely did.

Meanwhile, Meghan came out the other side of this showing the type of person she is. While this is might be obvious, she’s desperate to be embraced by the American people as their duchess. Here’s the thing that she overestimates; the US DOES NOT embrace people with foreign titles to public office, which is what Markle wants.

The skits were downright embarrassing and you could see the distress and annoyance on Meghan’s face when she is acting the fool. What’s more, is she isn’t very good at trying to hide it. How is acting the fool supposed to get the populace to see you’re relatable? Most sane people wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything she did in public.

Still Entitled

Okay, so to end this post we had to address Meghan’s fashion choices during the interview. Her shirt which looked like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean was over $1k and was by Oscar De La Ranta while her heels were also from a luxury brand. The only jewellery she was wearing was her wedding and engagement rings and that godforsaken pinky ring.

We don’t have an issue with her wearing her wedding and engagement rings, it’s the pinky ring we take issue with. It’s unclear which pinky ring she was wearing, but she has a favourite; the one made from the blood diamonds she was gifted. It was hard to tell given you don’t see her raise the hand she has it on that much.

Also, she is still running around with her title. She’s still entitled and out of touch with the public she wants to admire her.

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