President Trump Has Finally Lost His Marbles!


Donald Trump has lost the US Election to Joe Biden. He is not willing to admit defeat…

Election. Is. Won. That much is clear. As Joe Biden readies himself to become the 46th President of the United States, his rival, Donald Trump is being a massive man child throwing tantrums that show what a horrible human being he is. He cannot admit defeat. Trumpy boy doesn’t want to let go of the power because he knows where his fate will be; in prison given his misconduct and illegal activities.

Seeing Trump unravel onscreen is just a delight. Where’s the endless supply of popcorn? This election from an outsider’s perspective has just made us want to jump on a plane and scream it from the runway. Anyone who voted for The Donald is delusional in thinking he unified America. He tore it down and said he was the best president ever.

Now, cue our swears of “That’s bullshit!” and “He is a fucking coward who cares only for the rich and his own selfish agenda.” He thinks that anyone who voted for Joe Biden is unworthy to be American. Sorry, Trumpy dude! You are the one who is not worth it.

An election is meant to bring people together. Not divide them. All Trump wants is to create anarchy where he will take down as many individuals as possible. We can just see him barricading himself inside the White House and being dragged out by the secret service. At least, that’s what Vanity Fair is reporting. We also mentioned it a while ago. We can just imagine the drama that will play out at his dramatic exit. He and his family kicked out of the White House. We also wanna see how the others react and we’re all for it.

We’re popping popcorn right now and cannot wait to see how the whole thing plays out.

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