A Royal Betrayal: The Editor-In-Chief Of Tatler Was A Personal Friend Of The Duchess Of Cambridge

A true friend would never approve or write an article about one of the most photographed and famous women in the world! The editor-in-chief of Tatler, the high society gossip rag that published a piece on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was allegedly a friend from her days at Saint Andrews.

The royal family has had a lot of bad press lately. First Meghan and Harry announce that they’re leaving the family to be ‘financially independent’, then Prince Andrew gives a train-wreck of an interview about his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. What could be worse than those two things? Well, what about a personal betrayal by a trusted friend? Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has had to endure just that. In recent reports, the editor-in-chief of society magazine, Tatler Richard Dennen is allegedly a pal of the future Queen Consort.

Talk about a massive stab in the back! Catherine and husband Prince William have launched legal action against Tatler and Kensington Palace issued a statement saying they had no knowledge of the article. We’ve also addressed the possible favouritism the palace has for the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister-in-law, Meghan.

Out To Ruin Catherine’s Image?

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When you’re a member of the British Royal family, you need to know before you marry your significant other if you’re capable to deal with their lifestyle. It took a break up and reconciliation between Kate Middleton and Prince William to realise they were destined to be together. However, that means you need to pick and choose your friends.

Most of the couple’s friends would never betray them, but it appears one of Catherine’s alleged buddies, Richard Dennen who is the editor-in-chief of Tatler approved an infamy story about her.

The duchess is believed to be understandably upset by the unflattering article. What people are unsure about is how close Catherine and Richard have been in recent years. It has been reported that Dennen attended the duchess’ 2011 wedding and was one of her friends at St Andrews when they were at university.

The article sparks questions that we didn’t realise were there until we thought about it later. These questions include but are not limited to:

  • Did the friendship deteriorate?
  • Was Dennen forced to approve the article because the writer of the piece was acquainted with Meghan Markle?
  • Was the article influenced by a love of the Duchess of Sussex but a hatred for the Duchess of Cambridge?
  • Did Vanessa Mulroney have a hand in the article’s creation?

We’re going to try and answer some of these questions now and conclude whether the editor-in-chief is at fault. Another conclusion we’ll make at the end is whether the story is degrading against Catherine.

Did Richard Dennen’s Friendship With Catherine Sour Or Was There A Lack Of Respect For Privacy?

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What do we actually know about Tatler’s editor-in-chief, Richard Dennen? Well, from our research he and Catherine were friends at St Andrews during their university days. The pair also went to France together in 2004 while the then-unmarried duchess had hit the pause button on her relationship with Prince William. We’ve also learned that he was born in Chicago, he’s gay, and he’s worked in the fashion industry and worked his way up to be the editor of Tatler. Oh, and we cannot forget that his nickname is ‘Tricky Dickie’ and apparently, he’s only met the Duke of Cambridge once or twice.

We need to wonder too is whether the friendship he had with the future Queen Consort soured to the point that he felt he needed to get revenge on her. Perhaps, the friendship didn’t end and the reason he approved the article was because he has an apparent obsession with Harry’s wife, Meghan. We’ll get back to that a little later.

What if Richard approved the article without thinking about the friendship he had with Catherine? Maybe he thought the duchess would laugh it off as a joke and forgive the publication. While these are all possible explanations, they didn’t paint a picture of the relationship. However, it has been reported that this article is not the first time Dennen has forgotten protocol regarding the duchess.

In 2015, the editor-in-chief of Tatler posted and later deleted a photo of the duchess eating a sandwich at the airport during one of their two holidays together when they were uni students on social media.

Did Dennen Approve The Article ‘Catherine The Great’ Because The Writer Behind It Has An Association With Meghan?

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According to numerous sources, Dennen’s obsession with Meghan might’ve been the push journalist Anna Pasternak needed to write her explosive story on Catherine. The woman who published a book on Princess Diana in 1994 is no stranger to writing about the Firm.

It is widely believed that Pasternak is friends with Vanessa Mulroney, who is the sister-in-law of Meghan’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney. It should be noted also that Vanessa is an ex-Tatler journalist. Perhaps, the idea was to make Catherine out to be some bottom feeder – which she isn’t – and to put a more positive spin on the Duchess of Sussex.

That makes us wonder if Tricky Dickie approved the article because of Pasternak’s ties to Markle. We’re just drawing straws here, but maybe it did. A simple search of Google can unearth a bunch of information, including personal details. While we cannot say for sure, it should not be surprising that a publication with a writer who has an association with Meghan, no matter how distant would want to disgrace Catherine.

Was The Catherine The Great Article Influenced By A Love For Meghan But A Hatred For Kate?

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Let’s steer away from Tatler‘s editor-in-chief for a moment and focus on Anna Pasternak for this next part of our investigation. We know that the writer of the Catherine the Great piece is well connected in the United States and that she has a connection to the Mulroneys. However, does she have a love of Meghan but a hatred for the future Queen Consort?

Given her work for Tatler we cannot say for sure. She’s only published two pieces for the publication. The one that got her into hot water about Catherine and one published about how Meghan might be the new version of Wallis Simpson. Though, she does know a thing or two about the royal family.

We mentioned before that Pasternak released a book in 1994 called Princess in Love about Harry and William’s mother, Diana. She’s also written a book on Wallis Simpson. She’s also written a few pieces on the royal family as premium content for The Telegraph in the UK.

Of the stories she has written for the Telegraph, many of them were about Wallis Simpson or the Sussexes. Not one of them is focused on Catherine and William. We cannot say if Pasternak has a hatred for the Duchess of Cambridge, but she does appear to show favouritism towards Meghan given her similarities to the late Duchess of Windsor.

Did Vanessa Mulroney Have A Part In Anna Pasternak’s Curation Of Her Catherine The Great Article?

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In the final aspect of our investigation, we’re going to be talking about Vanessa Mulroney’s involvement. It’s unlikely that the former Tatler journalist played any direct role in Pasternak’s article. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if Meghan mentioned something to Jessica who then passed the information along until it got to Anna.

We know that the publication’s editor-in-chief said he stood by Pasternak and her sources. What if one of them was Vanessa? It is believed the royal writer is well connected in the US and now we know how. We need to be wary as we don’t know if Mulroney knows Meghan personally. Though it would be no secret that Jessica is her best friend.

Would Vanessa risk her reputation and get caught up in a scandal involving her former employer? Probably not, but it is not out of the question. Then, she would be dragging Jessica and Meghan deeper into it.

What’s Our Verdict?

Was Richard Dennen being vindictive in allowing Anna Pasternak’s article about Catherine to be published? If we’re honest, we don’t believe it was meant to be malicious. However, we need to stress that there is more to this story we don’t know. Since we are not within the royal circle, we cannot confirm or deny anything.

Do we think that the editor-in-chief and the Duchess of Cambridge fell out? We have virtually zero idea and we don’t have any interest in a relationship that doesn’t concern us. However, what worries us is how out of hand this whole mess will get. Didn’t Tatler learn anything from what happened with Meghan suing the newspapers? We know the magazine and the newspapers have different publishers, but it would’ve been a wakeup call.

Before we sign off on this post, we need to question whether the article was written to degrade Catherine. We can’t say yes or no to this. Though, the one thing we don’t understand is the argument between the publication and Kensington Palace. One of them is in the wrong and we think it’s Tatler.

Normally, the Palace doesn’t issue statements and ignores all gossip. There had to be a legitimate reason for them to speak out on the situation. Something like this article can damage reputations, especially one as respected as Catherine’s. We’d love to know who the alleged sources were. What proof do they have to all this nonsense being said about the Duchess?


C.J. Hawkings has written for the now-defunct Entertainment website, Movie Pilot and the still functioning WhatCulture and ScreenRant. She now writes for FanSided and is loving it!

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