What Happens With The Title Of The Duke Of Edinburgh?


With the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh there comes the conversation of what happens with his title…

With the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, what happens to his title of the Duke of Edinburgh? Well, we actually have an answer to that. According to The Sun, Charles, The Prince of Wales has inherited the title on a temporary basis. Now, there’s a reason why we say, the future king has the moniker ‘temporarily’.

In 1999, when Charles’ youngest brother, Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones, he was promised the title of Duke of Edinburgh. However, there was a catch. He would only inherit the moniker when both their parents had passed on and his eldest sibling became king.

Until then, Charles will have the title which will see Prince William as the heir of the moniker. Upon The Prince of Wales’ accession, Edward’s son, James will replace his cousin as the heir to the title.

The reason why Edward will be the one to inherit the title is because he and Sophie have worked with the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme. The awards was set up by Prince Philip in 1956. The youngest of The Queen’s children is the only one of her sons to not be given the title of Duke upon marriage. He was given the moniker of ‘Earl’ while his wife became ‘Countess’.

Prince Philip’s use of the ‘Duke Edinburgh’ title was given to him upon his wedding day to the-Princess Elizabeth, who would later become Queen Elizabeth II. Finally, it is the third time it has been used. With Prince Charles now inheriting the title, it will remain so until The Queen’s passing. When the time comes it will then revert to the monarch so that it will be given to Prince Edward.

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