Stargirl: Eclipso And The Shade Have Been Cast

The Shade

It’s been an eventful few weeks for us Stargirl fans as we’ve been following the action behind-the-scenes as the cast that are returning gear up for filming Season 2. However, today there has been a massive casting development revolving around villains, The Shade and Eclipso has emerged. There’s been an actress attached to a currently unknown character…

The Shade and Eclipso have been cast, according to an article by Deadline. Nick Tarabay will portray the Heart of Darkness himself and fun fact, if his name sounds somewhat familiar, you’d be right. He played Captain Boomerang in Arrow, so he knows how to play bad. Also, he appeared in The Expanse.

As for The Shade, Jonathan Cake will play the man that killed Charles McNider. The character is also a favourite of Stargirl showrunner and creator, Geoff Johns because of how different he is to other villains. We cannot wait to see how he is translated to the screen. Question is, can he be trusted or does he have his own agenda?

It has also been confirmed that Eclipso will be the main villain of the Season. The Shade will be recurring.

That’s not all. There has also been another casting announcement. Ysa Penarejo has also joined Stargirl Season 2 but her character hasn’t yet been announced. If we’re honest, there might be a possibility she could be playing Cheshire. That’s our guess but we’re likely totally wrong. Perhaps she is a new student at Blue Valley High or a sibling/child to an already existing character.

Filming has already started and our cast has been sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos with their followers for the last couple of weeks.

The cast has also met the new members, which lines up with what Hunter (Cameron Mahkent) mentioned in his livestream almost two weeks ago.

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