Stargirl RUMOUR: Unconfirmed Season 3 And Eclipso’s Story May Carry Over To Next Season

Eclipso, everything

Stargirl Season 2 hasn’t aired yet and we’re already getting a character announcement for the potential Season 3 with a carry over with Eclipso…

As we anxiously wait for news and promos for Stargirl Season 2, we got a surprise drop thanks to our boy Pagey! In his latest live stream, he revealed that Courtney and co could be in for a much longer ride regarding the newest antagonist, Eclipso.

His source is Stargirl TV, which is the publication that revealed Ysa Penarejo will be Jade. This [the news regarding Jade] has not yet been made official by any other outlet as of yet, though they are reliable. Anyway, in their latest post, the medium has uncovered that Bruce Gordon will appear in Season 3.

Just a note on Season 3, this has NOT been confirmed as of yet. It might be a while until we get a full confirmation as they unveiled the Season 2 reveal about halfway through Season 1’s run.

The rumour Stargirl TV has released is that Bruce Gordon will appear during the third season. Now, we had no idea who this was until Pagey explained it in his live stream.

Bruce Gordon is a well-known modern host for Eclipso in the comics. He is a scientist who is the leading expert on Solar energy.

The character is also named after Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Jim Gordon which was an inside joke when the character was created.

How Does Bruce Gordon Come Into Stargirl?

We know this will be a question people are going to ask later down the line so we thought we’d answer it now.

The answer is, we don’t know how and when Bruce Gordon comes into the show.

There might be a twist at the end of Season 2 where Eclipso escapes custody (if he ends up being captured) and possesses some poor dude and then it ends on a cliffhanger. Then Season 3 picks up with us learning it’s Bruce Gordon that is now under his [Eclipso] control.

Does someone have to die for this to happen? We don’t know but from what has been teased, Season 2 will be much darker than Season 1. If we had to guess, it would be because of Eclipso’s involvement. There’s going to be plenty of broken spirits with the following:

  • Yolanda’s slaughter of Brainwave.
  • Cameron dealing with his father’s death and probably coming into his powers.
  • Courtney having to keep that Mike killed Jordan from Cameron.
  • Beth’s grief of having Chuck destroyed by Jordan.
  • Mike’s guilt of killing Jordan – if that happens.
  • Isaac’s revenge on his school bullies and the grief of losing his mother.

We have no idea what’s going to happen going forward with these characters and Eclipso. Will he kill one or some of them? Maybe. There’s so many storytelling possibilities that could happen.

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