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The Earrings Debacle: Meghan Markle Wore Jewellery Gifted To Her By An Alleged Accomplice To The Murder Of Outspoken Journalist


Meghan Markle has ended up in the headlines… again… for wearing earrings from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who was allegedly involved with the murder of a journalist…

[CAUTION: This post contain talks about the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi]

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Thanks Marilyn Monroe for that memorable line. But how can they be when a set of earrings were gifted to Meghan Markle as a wedding present from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a country who don’t give a rats about women at all? According to it is believed that the Duchess of Sussex forced aides to lie to the press and the public about the origins of the jewels she was wearing to a state dinner in Fiji in 2018.

We covered the bullying accusations that have come in thick and fast over the last day and a half. Now, we need to go over why would Meghan have her team lie and say the earrings were on loan when she knew EXACTLY where they had come from. It’s quite simple. She couldn’t get access to a tiara – as someone pointed out on Twitter – so she went with the next thing.

What Murder Are We Talking About Here? How Do The Earrings Fit In?

On October 2nd 2018, Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated in Saudi Arabia by alleged assassins. Allegedly, he was ambushed, before he was suffocated and dismembered. It is believed that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the murder.

Three weeks later, a wedding gift was given to the Sussexes from the Crown Prince which so happened to be the earrings that Meghan has since been criticised for wearing.

Now, Meghan is not known for wearing most things more than once. However, she she wore the diamond earrings from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia twice. Once was – as mentioned earlier – to a state dinner in Fiji in October 2018 and the second time was a birthday party for her father-in-law, Prince Charles in November the same year as per 9Honey.

Meghan Knew Where The Earrings Had Come From

[Credit: Closer Weekly]

Meghan allegedly knew who had gifted the earrings but chose to wear them anyway. This is no different to Princess Michael of Kent wearing a racist brooch.

Though, the Duchess of Sussex claims through a rebuttal submitted by her lawyers to The Times that they (the earrings) were gifted to The Crown and were on loan to her.

Yeah, we knew she’d pull a stunt like this. She didn’t want to be seen as wearing something from an alleged murderer so she passed it off as it being a gift to The Crown in which she had no knowledge of whom had given them. This comes on top of the allegations of bullying of female staff at Kensington Palace.

Meghan Is NOT A Feminist

[Credit: Elle]

We’ve spoken before about how Meghan is NOT a Feminist. She might claim to what to fight for empowering women but doesn’t do this. Instead, she belittles the female staff that work for her. A real feminist wouldn’t do this. She does not understand what the definition of the word truly means.

There’s no secret that she wants to be seen as the next Diana, Princess of Wales. The royal mother-of-two would NEVER have treated her staff so poorly. You don’t see Catherine in the media everyday because she has treated the people who work for her like trash.

She has always been kind to her staff and told Meghan to treat them with respect. This is allegedly why the sisters-in-law fell out. It should be noted that the Duchess of Sussex is always stated that the world needs to be compassionate and kind. She definitely did not do either of these things with the aides that that quit.

A true feminist would respect other people and not treat them like garbage.

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