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Dancing All-Stars: Night 4 – Flashbacks!

night 4

Move over everyone! It’s time for Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Night 4!

Nothing beats weekend television quite like night 4 of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars! It’s time to pull out those latin dance heels as the all-stars will take on dances they have already performed. The surviving wild cards will do a dance by a celebrity not on the show. So, be sure to look out for Matty J doing a routine originally done by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Manu & Katrina

Manu is reliving his salsa from the ten years ago for his night 4 memory lane performance. It was the dance that won him the grand finale.

Very fluent and in time and it feels like he is actually at that grand finale again.

Todd said Manu was back and branded it ‘The Manu’ and referred to it as retirement cruise material. Helen said he was passionate which was what made it great. Paul said he was having fun and was all that mattered. Mark loved the lifts and said was amazing.

Manu & Katrina’s score is: 33

Renee & Jarryd

Renee is taking on Tina Arena’s tango from 2013.

Sharp turns plenty of bounce action.

Helen said she’s glad Renee and Jarryd took the lift out and she’s a threat. Mark said she was stunning and that she didn’t need the lift. Todd said it was very good. That’s it.

Renee & Jarryd’s score is: 35

Luke & Jorja

Luke’s flashback is his rumba from 2008.

Looks a bit stiff for a rumba as Luke looks uncomfortable.

Paul said Luke nailed it. Mark said Luke was bold to do it. Todd said Luke was made to do it. Helen said he did it justice.

Luke & Jorja’s score is: 38

Jessica & Lyu

Jess chooses to recreate Kate Ceberano’s jive.

Jess struggles to keep up the pace with Lyu and she already looks worn out.

Mark said Lyu was right that Jess couldn’t keep up and that it was gutsy. Todd said it was a hot mess. Helen said she got the idea of the routine but it wasn’t on contact again.

Jessica & Lyu’s score is: 19

Jamie & Siobhan

Jamie’s flashback dance is the cha cha.

Now, it’s H-O-T! Fast, tense and guttural!

Todd said Jamie calmed down. Helen said she agreed with Todd that Jamie tried hard. Paul said it was a little messy but he needs to stop fighting against Siobhan and loved the lift.

Jamie & Siobhan’s score is: 29

Ada & Aric

Ada is reliving her jive.

She looks like she has having sooo much fun! It looks so much better than Jess’. Sorry it has to be said.

Helen said the quality was high but one lift didn’t need to be there. Paul said the dance was complete. Mark said it was a great performance. Todd had one word ‘Nice’. What is he? The seagull from Finding Nemo?

Ada & Aric’s score is: 37


Ada & Aric – safe

Renee & Jarryd – safe

Manu & Katrina – safe

Luke & Jorja – safe

Dance Off

Jamie & Siobhan – safe

Jessica & Lyu – eliminated

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