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Dancing With The Stars: Daryl Somers And The Original Judges Are Back For All-Stars!


The original judges and host, Daryl Somers are all back for Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Australia!

We’re getting closer to the airing of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars and a new promo dropped earlier tonight which gave us more information. We learned that the original host, Daryl Somers will be returning as will judges Todd McKenny, Helen Richey, Paul Mercurio, and Mark Wilson.

For those of you fans who mightn’t remember, the original Australian show when it aired on Channel 7 actually had four judges rather than three. As the seasons progressed, the lineup changed as two of the OGs left the show and someone would have to fill the void.

By the time the final season aired before the jump to Channel 10, having three judges had become the norm and no one seemed to question it. When the two seasons aired on 10, the same model was used.

The new series is going to be really nostalgic as most of the stars will be from seasons long gone. We’ve discussed this before. There will be only four newbies. Please, if you’ve read our previous post, we made an error that we weren’t aware of until the promo tonight. Erin McNaught had appeared in Season 12. We’ve made the correction on the post. All is now good!

We’ll have another post up soon to talk about which stars are paired with whom. We’re just really happy that the show is going to bringing back blasts from the past. All we need now is confirmation that Chong Lim is back doing music. Guess we won’t find that out until the show airs.

Be sure to catch Dancing with the Stars Australia All-Stars when it premieres on Channel 7 after Easter.

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