Royal THEORY: Did Meghan Try To Dupe Princess Eugenie?

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Was Princess Eugenie almost duped by Meghan Markle?

Duped. As much as it pains us (not really) to speculate but did Meghan Markle steal various aspects of Princess Eugenie’s wedding? It appears to be that way. We’ve been watching various videos who have pointed out things that we hadn’t considered.

Firstly, let’s go over everything we know. We’re also going to cover whether Eugenie was in fact duped from various things for her wedding. Now, please bear in mind that most of this is just pure speculation. However, there is a load of stuff that have been printed in the media.

Finally, bear in mind that this just our thoughts and opinions. We have no association with the press and are allowed to express our thoughts on this matter.

Tiara Gate

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

One of the most famous stories to come out the two royal weddings that took place in 2018 is Tiara Gate. According to speculation, Meghan knew a tantrum because she wasn’t allow to use an emerald tiara for her and Harry’s nuptials. Rumour has it she wanted one of two headpieces and got shot down.

The rumour is one of the tiaras Meghan wanted was the one Princess Eugenie wore on her wedding day. If speculation is correct, she wanted it to be the ‘crown jewel’ of her look on her big day. Therefore, there’s a couple of reasons why she was not allowed to wear the tiara. Here’s what was allegedly reported:

  • Tiara’s origins are ‘unknown’.
  • Tiara is Russian in origin.
  • Reserved for Princess Eugenie (obvious).

We wrote this post: Another Tiara-Gate Story on that situation. It was pretty juicy stuff to write. Anyway, Harry is reported to have thrown an absolute fit. He basically jumped up and down and ordered that his beloved be given everything she wants. Apparently and allegedly, his grandmother was forced to step in to defuse the situation.

The Engagement Announcements And Wedding Date

[Credit: Showbiz Cheatsheet]

It has long been speculated that Eugenie and her now-husband Jack were duped from having a certain date for their wedding. Also, it appears that they were forced to postpone their engagement announcement. This is apparently due to a couple of a debatable factors.

These include:

  • Harry, being sixth in line, could’ve had more preference since Eugenie was lower down in the line of succession.
  • Meghan (and Harry) demanded they announce their engagement first.
  • The then-soon-to-be Sussexes were determined to be the first of the two couples to have a televised wedding. You know because Meghan LOVES the limelight.

Could this have lead to another point where Meghan duped Eugenie again by revealing her pregnancy at the princess’ wedding? That’s our next point.

Meghan Announces Her Pregnancy At Eugenie’s Wedding

[Credit: Daily Express]

Now, we know Princess Eugenie got duped on more than one occasion by Harry And Meghan. However, the announcement of Archie’s pending arrival at the York-Brooksbank wedding really takes the cake.

We know this has been addressed online a couple of dozen times. Though, we just want to add our opinion to it We didn’t notice this at the time of the wedding but in the years since we have. When Meghan arrives at the church which so happens to be the same one she and Harry married in (more on that later), she wore a coat with only two of the buttons done up. This lead to (correct) speculation that she was pregnant.

However, the stories that came out after this caused a stir. Media reports say that Harry was embarrassed that his wife had let their pregnancy news slip at his cousin’s wedding. Eugenie and her mother, Sarah Ferguson aka Fergie, Duchess of York were far from impressed.

Though, another report surfaced saying that Eugenie and Jack knew about the pregnancy prior to their wedding. The event (apparently) was the first chance the couple got to congratulate the pair.

Going back to the original story, could Meghan’s ‘slip of the tongue’ have been revenge for Eugenie ‘stealing’ the tiara she wanted for her own wedding?

Finally, we don’t know whether we believe the second version of events. However, it is evident that Meghan’s unbuttoned coat was used to steer the attention away from the bride and onto the pending arrival of Archie. This is just spiteful and vain and shows how petty she is.

What Could Eugenie Have Done To Spite Meghan?

Expecting Archie; duped
[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

To end this post, we thought we’d ask a sensible question. What has Eugenie done to Meghan to cause the former actress to behave callously towards her?

Here’s the thing. We cannot find anything. The only thing we think it could be is to turn Eugenie against Harry. Why? Well, we know Harry is now isolated in California with his wife and Archie.

It has been well-established for years that Harry and Eugenie have always been close. Now, we’re just speculating here but we think this was part of Meghan’s plan to get back to America. If she could turn her husband against his family and we’re talking not just his father and brother but EVERYONE. That way she could cry wolf and he would agree to leave his ‘toxic’ family.

Lastly, we have great admiration for Eugenie. For her to tolerate all the crap the Sussexes have put her through shows she is more classy than Meghan.

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