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The Bold And The Beautiful: Carter Rightfully Dumps Zoe, Thomas Talks With Vinny (Again) About The Paternity Results, Paris Gets The Blame For Her Sister’s Dumping


Zoe gets the dump because she cracked onto another man who was not Carter, Thomas probes Vinny for answers, and Paris gets blamed for her sister’s misfortunes…

Dump, dump, dump. We LIVED for today’s The Bold and the Beautiful as Carter breaks off his engagement to Zoe. Meanwhile, Thomas continues to question Vinny’s intentions surrounding Steffy’s paternity results. Lastly, Paris gets blamed for her sister’s misfortunes.

Let’s launch into it but before we do, we just want to say thanks for hanging with us while all this royal drama has been going on. Anyway, without further ado, let’s jump into what happened in today’s The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Screaming Match Between Carter And Zoe

So, we’re really glad Carter had the courage to dump Zoe there and then. She had it coming to her. The poor guy has had his heart broken one too many times. He’s a massive teddy bear who just needs a long-lasting hug.

Zoe begs him to forgive her and blah, blah, blah. This ultimately results in a screaming match where Carter says their engagement is over as he can’t trust her. Good on him! She claims she’ll never do it again, but he doesn’t believe that and nor should he.

If they get married like she claims she wants to, she may end up with another man in her sights. Zoe does not like being told ‘no’ and it shows. This is where Carter tells her to take off the ring so it doesn’t cause confusion. He even tells her to keep it.

Zoe blames her experience with the men in her life for how she felt about their engagement. Basically, she throws her father, Xander, and Thomas all under the bus. She does realise that Xander left because of her actions, doesn’t she? She didn’t want the Baby Beth secret getting out and he couldn’t side her with her any more.

Thomas Continues To Be Suspicious Of Vinny

As he sits talking to Steffy, Thomas brings up his sister’s pregnancy and she gushes about how she’s feeling. However, this mood shifts when she says she cannot believe she is having another child with her ex-husband.

This ultimately leaves Thomas still feeling like something isn’t right regarding Vinny’s shady behaviour. He heads to the hospital lab where his pal works. While the drug peddler is happy to see him, he’s also anxious to have his friend in the lab as it could jeopardise his job.

Zoe Goes To See Ridge Regarding Carter Dropping Her Before She Turns Her Wrath On Paris

So, after the disaster that is her attempt win Carter back, Zoe goes to see Ridge and asks if he’s happy that his BFF dropped her. The Forrester co-CEO says that he’s not pleased to see his friend upset and heartbroken. He then turns the conversation on her and says that she screwed up and she needs to face the consequences.

This, of course, doesn’t go down well with Zoe and she charges to her sister and demands for what must be the fiftieth time for her to leave. Paris comes out swinging once more and implies her sibling is self-absorbed and thinks the world revolves around her.

Not wrong there, Paris! Blaming her sister something she herself did just shows what a spiteful person Zoe is. We really give Kiara Barnes and Diamond White props for their acting skills in this scene.

Paris goes on to say that all Zoe has ever done is think about herself. She’s definitely right in that respect because the model screams that her future is ruined because of her sister. Umm… Paris moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her and ended up with a with a job at Forrester.

Dump Fest: Ridge Reveals To Steffy And Thomas What Has Been Going On With Carter And Zoe

Before Thomas leaves to talk with Vinny at the lab, Ridge walks in from his meeting with Zoe to fill Steffy and Thomas in about how Carter gave his fiancée the dump.

The siblings were generally surprised about what was going on. However, Thomas says it’s normal for models like his ex to flirt with designers as it has happened for years.

Steffy is just stunned by everything, especially the way her father describes it.

Thomas Pushes Vinny Into A Corner

Once he is over at the lab with Vinny, Thomas orders his pal to log into the hospital records and to show him the true paternity results. This causes the druggie to become highly defensive who once again states that the results are final.

Now, we know from the promo for this week that Finn walks into the lab where Thomas and Vinny are talking (at some point) where he asks the same questions Tom has been.

We know Steffy felt the baby was Finn’s and was left ‘devastated’ that the test revealed Liam to be the father. So, perhaps her inkling is correct as it is supposed to be revealed this week that something did go down with the results. This would be the type of situation like when Hope felt Beth was alive and her instincts were spot on.

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