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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Harry Will NEVER Lose His Dukedom And It Has Nothing To Do With His Identity In America

Dukedom; psychic

It’s been a while since I did a Chronicles of Harkle post so we thought we’d go over this post from the Express regarding the calls for Harry and Meghan to give up the Dukedom of Sussex. I have some serious inner mental images that I kinda want to get out there. Now, unlike most CoH articles that I post, this one won’t reach the 1k words it would normally. So, without too much of a delay, let’s get into it.

Do I believe that the dukedom of Sussex will be taken from Harry? No, I don’t and it has nothing to do with his new ties to his work in the US. He needs it to keep a link to his family with him. Yes, he and Meghan have called the The Firm ‘racist’ thrown them under the bus. However, I believe that Markle has not entirety stripped ‘H’ of his affection for his relatives back in the UK.

Call me crazy all you want, but even the most brainwashed person can be saved. You’ll probably see me as wanting to side with the Sussexes after all the criticisms I’ve thrown their way and that’s okay. I grew up watching both Princess Diana’s sons do the same. I remember watching the Cambridge wedding like it happened yesterday. There is even a moment I recall where I was basically biting my non-existent fingernails when Catherine had to say her vows and when she had to say William’s full name.

I remember the sigh of relief that escaped me when Catherine got William’s middle names in the right order. This was in massive contrast to thirty years earlier when Princess Diana got Prince Charles’ middle names mixed up. Now, I wasn’t born then but I have seen footage of it.

Back To Harry…

Harry might not care now about his family or about the mental health of his father and grandmother, but I have reason to believe that part of the old him is there somewhere. Now, as far gone as he is, it might take him a while to realise the gravity of what he has done. He was able to resist Meghan’s hold on him until a short time after Archie’s birth.

The reason I say this is because I watching a lot of videos today and I saw one by Celt Views in a 2019 vid which was about how the Sussex Squad were blaming the children standing in front of Harry and Meghan on the balcony at the Trooping the Colour for the Duke of Sussex to say “Turn Around”.

In the video, Celt says that the Sussex Squad claim Harry was telling the kids to “turn around” and not Meghan. If you watch it, it’s obvious he is not looking at the children at all. Now, you’re probably wondering how this applies to my theory and the dukedom.

Well, given that Harry was telling Meghan to stop talking to him and to turn around during the National Anthem, it shows he was not under her full control at that point. Something would’ve had to happen before after this for his attitude to change so quickly. Question is; what is it?

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