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Chronicles Of Harkle: War Of The Duchesses – Meghan Cannot Accept Playing Second Fiddle To Catherine


Meghan Markle claims to have been naive when she went into her new life as the wife to Prince Harry, the youngest of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ sons. However, we know from a stack of research that this is not the case. Her family and former friends have been coming out of the woodwork over the years to say she was fascinated with the British royals. Also, she wrote about Catherine, her wedding to Prince William and father-in-law, Prince Charles on her blog, The Tig. In her mind, she would have servants and she could just mooch off her new in-laws. She had no intention of learning how to be like Kate who she appears to deem as inferior to herself. The Duchess of Sussex thinks she is the one who should be the more important one of the duchesses. Her followers, the Sugars seem to agree.

Of all the duchesses that have been in the royal family over the years, NONE have come across as more vindictive and cunning as Meghan. The former actress might come across as kind and thoughtful to a lot of people, but she knows how to use those who have something she wants. For example, her co-stars on Suits. She knows that having allies in any fight is important. Because the crew on the show had more experience than her in the entertainment business, she needed them to be her friends. That way, if she ever got into any public fights with her future ‘family’, they would immediately jump to her defence. Full blown narcissist mode. Note, this has never been about her being biracial. Like ever. But she goes crying to H saying everyone in his inner circle is mean to her. Not to mention, he falls for it.

Personality Differences

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Moving onto the main reason we’re here. Meghan’s vendetta against Catherine. In her eyes, the Duchess of Cambridge is her main threat. Markle wants to be the duchess that everyone loves and cannot stand the idea of her beloved sister-in-law be the most spoken about. Talk about having jealousy’s green eyed monster coming from deep within. I’ve discussed before as to how the Duchess of Sussex is jealous of not just the future Princess Consort, but her cousins-in-law, Beatrice and Eugenie too. What must really irk her is how the staff that she treats so terribly love Kate. It’s obvious as to the reason; she [Catherine] sees them as friends and not just people who work for her and William. She views them as regular human beings.

Meghan’s bad behaviour was documented by Jason Knauf who served as the Sussexes’ communications chief when they were at Kensington Palace. He feared that nothing was being done about Markle’s tyrant-like manner and he was right. It got to the point that when Harry allegedly asked him to sweep the bullying complaints against wife under the rug, Knauf handed in his resignation notice sometime later in an act of defiance. Good on him, we say.

Catherine has been in the royal family long enough to understand that if you’re nice to staff, they won’t quit on you. Meghan doesn’t appear to grasp that concept. She sees palace aides as beneath her, as chewing gum stuck to the bottom of her thousand dollar shoes. The duchesses have different personalities as they were raised very differently.

Michael and Carole Middleton raised their three children to be hard-working and earn their keep. Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle apparently spoilt their only child together rotten and never told her ‘no’.

The Reason A Lot Of Black People Are Not Backing Meghan

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I’ve seen a lot of people from the black communities of the world come out since the Oprah interview dropped to say that Meghan does not represent them. One of my personal favourites is American woman of colour and YouTuber, PDina. She is a massive Diana fan but cannot stand how Markle is trashing the royal family.

We’ve even had mixed race couples come out on Twitter to discuss their own conversations about their children and how it was never a racist discussion for them. Also, the Kingdom Choir who performed at the Sussex wedding have openly supported Prince Charles. There was even a video I found on Twitter from a TikTok where two black women are discussing the skin colour situation. They wonder how Meghan can claim that the royal family was worried about a black baby when she is ‘beige’ (their terminology) and Harry is white. Here’s the Tweet as proof:

[Credit: @gatitonic1968 – Twitter]

A large portion of the black community in the UK does not see the royal family as racist. If they were then they would ordering for the monarchy to be abolished. Also, how can Meghan and Harry call the United Kingdom in particular racist when millions of people lined the streets on their wedding day? How come they were allowed to have people of colour perform at their wedding? It’s not like they were forced to. If anything, the nuptials were the most diverse the world has ever seen. I should know because I watched the wedding. It was totally amazing to have two different cultures and ethnicities come together for such an event.

Time Doesn’t Always Heal Old Wounds

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At the time, the entirety of the UK celebrated having a mixed race royal in their royal family. However, over time, Meghan’s true colours started to decline when the public were beginning to be accused of being racist. Now, I want to stress that the UK press – NOT the people were horrible to Markle when her and Harry’s relationship got made public. That has never a secret. I will not repeat what some of the headlines said.

After the wedding, the press came to adore Meghan and everything seemed fine. Though, things started to get out of hand during the tour to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. Information started leaking about diva antics and how tea was thrown at staff and Lady Cosgrove got a verbal a tongue lashing when she tried to tell Markle to treat people with respect. I could go on.

Then came the allegations of tiara-gate and fights with Catherine over bridesmaid dresses and whether tights should be worn. There is so many stories out there that it will make your toes curl. Most of those tales are baseless accusations for now, but things are only going to get worse for Meghan.

With the bullying accusations being put into the spotlight, the horrid behaviour in Australia will be looked into deeper. When this came out publicly, I cannot describe how go it felt to read this. As an Australian, reading the horror story put forward by a Quora user, I thought I was going to be sick. I’m proud of my country. I also have a personal connection to the former Governor-General and his wife. I went to film school with one of their sons and I have great admiration for his parents. For Lady Cosgrove to be allegedly abused makes me so mad!

Meghan’s Overall Jealousy Of Catherine

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I posted a link earlier in the piece of another article I wrote on how Meghan is threatened by Catherine and is jealous of her. I thought I would go over some newish things that revolve around the Oprah interview. Now, I watched the interview and it really annoyed me at how dishonest the whole thing was. It was so obvious that Ms Winfrey bought into everything that was said.

Now, one of the things that got mentioned was the bridesmaid dress situation in which it was alleged at the time that Meghan had made Catherine cry. According to the former actress, it was the polar opposite where her sister-in-law had made her weep. It is just me or was that whole thing a sham to have Kate thrown under the bus? We know how jealous Markle is of the Duchess of Cambridge. She wanted everything she has but had to settle for second best. The whole thing is headline gold! Anything where the duchesses are fighting is snapped up.

What I think is that Meghan’s problem lays with the protocol surrounding how high up on the food chain Catherine is. She will one day sit at William’s side as Princess or Queen Consort; whatever is decided. Markle, however, will be sitting pretty with Harry who will move up to about fourth-in-line since Prince George will be heir apparent to his father and Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will move up to second and third.

Whether the duchesses will ever get along and become something close to equals is unclear. I personally don’t think they will. Meghan’s ego will NEVER dim. She thinks it should be her sitting at William’s side. For all we know, she could’ve started that cheating rumour.

Duchesses Don’t Attack Each Other

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Catherine has always been dignified and has never started a fight with anyone. Meghan, however, attempts to use her status to get herself out of bullying allegations by saying she was bullied. However, she shoots herself in the foot with that statement because of alleged rumours of hazing during her university days. Something about using super glue on pledges’ eyes as per a video by Murky Meg.

Meghan appears to think it is okay to attack Catherine in a “tell-all” interview and then claim she apologised. Alright, here’s what I believe. Markle wants to damage Kate’s reputation as much as possible to make the public question whether she is worthy to sit at William’s side. Duchesses do not attack each other. You never saw Princess Diana going after Fergie during their time as royals.

Before I continue, yes, Diana was a duchess. She held the Duchess of Cornwall title when she and Charles were married, though she never used it publicly. The moniker today is used by Camilla who is also technically, the Princess of Wales but chooses not to use it.

Duchesses are supposed to tow the line and do what is expected of them. Catherine has done it. So, why hasn’t Meghan? Because she doesn’t believe in following the rules. She wants to use her ‘voice’ to do good. Though, everyone else’s definition of doing good and hers are very different. She believes screaming at palace aides and bullying them to the point they quit is right. However, it shows what a horrible boss she is.

She destroys everything she comes close to. While there is no actual code or manual to being duchesses and their duties, people will speak highly of you if you’re nice to them.

Respect Is Earned, Meghan!

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Catherine is known for her kindness towards her staff and allegedly told Meghan to treat them with respect. However, this advice went in one ear and out the other. There was a story that came out where a photographer said he did a photo shoot with the then-actress and said she was a total nightmare to work with. She alleged arrived with an entourage of 12 people and expected to have expensive alcohol. He also couldn’t take photos of her feet. Umm… what about that photoshoot she did with Vanity Fair when her relationship with Harry was made public? Her feet were on full display there.

[Credit: Daily Mail]

Now, I think I might know a logical explanation for this. First off, I believe what the photographer says. I believe the reason why Vanity Fair could take photos of her feet is because Meghan was the one who had the photoshoot organised. She could control every aspect because she wanted her relationship with Harry out there for the world to see. So much for Harry’s request to have the relationship be private.

Also, this photoshoot was her meal ticket into superstardom like she believed she was deserving of. Most other photos of Meghan where you can see her feet, she is wearing shoes or they’re covered up. You would never get such antics from Catherine.

Meghan believes that because she has a title, people have to respect her. No, they don’t. A large portion of the world understand that actually being kind is the key to earning R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Markle should know this as she preaches kindness and compassion.

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