When Things Wear Thin: Why The Duchess Of Sussex Is The Most Hated Commoner To Join The Royal Family

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Nothing says negative press quite like the royal family. Known as ‘The Firm’, not everyone is cut out for it, but how different could it be from Hollywood? These were the thoughts of the now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Hollywood is best described as having the glitz, the glamour and massive blockbusters. In 2002, a then-unknown Meghan Markle joined the lucky few who become household names. However, her efforts were met with resistance as she wasn’t black but she wasn’t white either at the beginning. Since joining the royal family and becoming the Duchess of Sussex, she has become the first biracial American woman to ever join their ranks.

While Meghan is the first biracial woman to grace the royal family, she is not the first black woman to marry into the Firm. It is believed that Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III was of African descent and like the Duchess of Sussex, isn’t British, but German.

Meghan, who was born to a black mother and white father, has often said that growing up as a mixed race woman was hard. She didn’t classify as white or black and often questioned what ethnicity she was. It got to the point where she asked her dad, Thomas Markle Snr for advice. He once told her to draw her own box after her teacher told her to mark the ‘Caucasian’ box on a class assignment.

Despite having a created an impact on the dramedy, Suits, Meghan never could’ve imagined how different being an actress was to being a biracial commoner that married into the British Royal family.

Not The First American Divorcee

Duchess of Sussex

Before Meghan married Prince Harry, she was married to film producer Trevor Engelson from 2011-2013. The royal family has a reputation for not allowing divorcees into their familial fold. Look at Princess Margaret for example.

The love of the Queen’s younger sister’s life was Peter Townsend who was a divorcee. If The Crown is anything to go on, Elizabeth almost said yes to allowing Margaret to marry who she wanted but was told to turn the request down. However, there was one divorcee that ruffled some royal feathers before this occurred.

Wallis Simpson was an American woman who was twice divorced before she married Edward VIII, the older brother of King George IV and uncle to the current Queen Elizabeth. The royal family despised her and ultimately blamed her for forcing Edward to abdicate the throne to his brother who died an early death.

What takes the cake is how the Duchess of Sussex is treated to the Duchess of Windsor by the royal family. Meghan was granted the style of Her Royal Highness (HRH) upon her wedding day along with her title. Wallis, on the other hand only received her title and not the HRH styling. Though, it was used unofficially within the royal household. Wallis was allegedly given the Her Grace styling instead.

Why the royal family has an issue with divorced people, is a mystery unless you’re an insider. If you’re not with your first spouse and are with someone hasn’t been married before, you’re not a bad person.

Did Meghan Cause The Rift Between Harry And William?

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It’s long been speculated that the Duchess of Sussex caused a rumoured rift between her husband and brother-in-law, Prince William. While we cannot confirm this for sure, the documentary, Kate v Meghan: Princesses at War? gives a bit more context.

William, being the protective big brother he is asked Harry if his relationship with Meghan was moving too fast. However, the younger prince saw this as a criticism of his devotion to his partner. According to royal reporter, Katie Nicholl, the close bond between the pair hasn’t been the same since.

However, Harry did come out and say that he and his brother “were on different paths”. This does not confirm or deny that there is infighting between between the princes. It just gives us more questions.

Do William And Catherine Like Meghan?

[Credit: Today Show]

It’s hard to tell from media reports what’s true and what isn’t. However, the question of rather William and Catherine like their sister-in-law.

Given their closeness to Harry, the couple who will one day become King and his Consort, knew he would marry someday and would have to accept his chosen spouse. If they didn’t like Meghan, they wouldn’t have played a part in the wedding. William would’ve never agreed to be his brother’s best man. Also he and Kate certainly wouldn’t have allowed their two eldest children, George and Charlotte to be in the bridal party if this was the case.

However, some people noticed how William snubbed Meghan. A video surfaced in September 2019 of the Duchess of Sussex turning to talk to her brother-in-law only for him to ignore her. Though, body language expert Judi James said, it wasn’t what people thought it was.

Another point we need to point out is when the two couples were dubbed the fab four. There was an event William, an expectant Kate, Meghan, and Harry were all together as equals. This was not long after the future Sussexes got engaged and prior to Prince Louis’s birth.

[Credit: The News Daily]

However, the Fab Four appeared to be a one-off thing as not long after this, Meghan reportedly made Catherine cry during a bridesmaid dress fitting for Princess Charlotte. Though, it has been said that Kate, who had just given birth to Louis was also in the stages of postpartum. Naturally, if this did occur, we’ll never know the true reason.

Archie’s Christening

When the earlier event occurred, William mentioned Meghan rather warmly when he relented it was her first royal engagement with him, Harry, and Kate. Another incidence we need to examine is the awkward photo from Archie’s Christening.

[Credit: Today Show]

Look at the way Catherine and William are positioned in the photo. Will looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Kate appears to be smiling through her teeth. We’re not even going to mention how Meghan and Harry are sitting awkward on that couch.

What people hated was that Archie’s christening was a family affair only. There was no seeing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex going into the church or wherever the event was with Archie. The names of the godparents weren’t even announced.

Thomas And Samantha Cause Havoc

[Credit: US Weekly]

The Duchess of Sussex’s side of the family is somewhat fickled and borderline embarrassing. First her half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr sends a letter to Prince Harry telling him not to marry his younger half-sister. Her father caves to his eldest daughter’s suggestions that he fake paparazzi photos. He later goes to hospital to be treated for a bad heart. Let’s not forget he also sold a private letter from Meghan to the press. Then there’s Samantha.

Oh, yes. Samantha Marie Markle. Did you know that her first name isn’t Samantha! *gasp* No, her full name is Yvonne Markle. No middle name! Who’s hiding secrets now? Anyway, the woman is a total nightmare. She claimed she would write a book about being Princess Pushy’s sister though it’s obvious she’s bitter about having a little sister that her father adored more than her.

With all that put side, both of these horrible, money grabbing people think that Meghan, Harry, and the Royal Family owe them. They don’t, but the saddest part is that Tom Senior isn’t backing down or attempting to rebuild his relationship with his youngest daughter.

The man who is 75-years-old thinks that his daughter should extend the olive branch so he can see his newest grandchild before he dies. In his eyes, he has done nothing wrong but provide for his daughter when she needed him most. Sure, they were close when she was younger, but he man needs to see what this is doing to Meghan. It’s no wonder she’s suing the publication who published the letter.

Also, what isn’t helping Piers Morgan and how he’s siding with the filth Meghan is forced to call family.

No Hospital Photo Op And Archie’s Debut


When it was announced that Meghan and Harry weren’t going to have a photo op outside the Lindo Wing the way Catherine and William did with their three children, hell unleashed. The couple were labelled as selfish for not allowing the public to see their baby mere hours after their child was born.

Also, it caused outrage when it was announced that Baby Sussex wasn’t going to be born at Saint Mary’s hospital where his cousins, uncle and father were born.

Harry and Meghan are Archie’s parents and the public has no right to dictate their choices. They wanted to their son’s birth to be as private as possible so they could bond as a family. Everyone should respect that and it’s not like the Sussexes will ever end up on the throne.

However, the criticism got worse when Archie had his debut a couple of days later. Given how still he was, people assumed he was a doll. These same people also claimed that Meghan faked being pregnant and had a surrogate step in. This is highly unlikely given that the queen would never allow either of these two things to happen. Also, it would be too much of a PR nightmare to cover up.

In the first few days of life, babies don’t move that much. Also, you didn’t see Charlotte or Louis move when they were introduced to the world, did you? We know George issued his own ‘royal wave’ during his debut. Not to mention, babies sleep like a lot so you’ll have to forgive Archie for not having his eyes open.


There are so many reasons to hate Meghan, but is the malice really warranted by the fact she married the UK’s favourite son? Or perhaps they don’t like the idea of having a biracial, American woman within their precious Royal Family. Whatever the case, the Duchess of Sussex is here to stay even if she and Harry are living in Canada.

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