Duchess Meghan Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage In July

July, desire

No person should have to go through the loss of a child. In July, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, miscarried her second baby.

[CAUTION: This post contains mention of miscarriage]

Regardless of your views towards the Sussexes, they did not deserve to lose their second child to miscarriage. Earlier this evening, it was reported that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex had lost a baby in July. The former working royal wrote an article for The New York Times outlining the grief she and husband Prince Harry felt when they learned they’d lost a child.

Meghan is not the first royal to lose a child to miscarriage. Harry’s cousin, Zara Tindall lost a child prior to the birth of her second daughter, Lena.

Miscarriage is something that should be spoken about and despite our views on Meghan, Harry, and their behaviour, they did not deserve this. We can just imagine their grief. This reminds us of what happened to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend about a month ago where they lost their third baby. No person should have to go through something so terrible.

Our hearts go out to Harry, Meghan, and Archie.

Our Apology

Hi everyone. CJ here. I just wanted to talk about the previous post I wrote about Meghan and Harry’s lies. I wanted to apologise for the timing of publishing the article I had literally no idea that the Sussexes were going to drop that piece in the New York Post about their miscarriage in July. It wasn’t until I jumped on Twitter a few minutes after I hit publish I saw Meghan was trending.

I am not to a mean person who would wish harm upon anyone. As much I do not like Meghan, I would never want harm to fall upon her. I am not that sort of person. I know people who have suffered miscarriages and it is always tragic to hear to their stories.

The publishing of the lies post could not have come at a worse time. In case I have offended anyone, I want to say I am sorry. In saying that, I will be deleting the post.

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