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The Bold And The Beautiful: Now Liam Knows How Hope Has Felt For Years!


Liam is a hypocrite for thinking that Hope broke their marriage vows when he didn’t even think that Thomas could’ve been kissing the mannequin. Oh, and… he’s drunk.

Here we go again. Liam gets himself drunk and kisses Steffy while she too is kinda tipsy. He’s a huge hypocrite because he now knows how Hope felt every time she saw him kiss his ex-wife. How is she going to react when she learns her stepsister and former rival and her husband slept together? Also, what is Finn going to say when he finds out that his girlfriend slept with her former hubby?

Liam has broken Hope’s heart a million times over the past decade and not once has he ever thought about her feelings. Remember when Thomas wanted to marry her and so he coaxed his sister into kissing her ex-husband in front of Ms Logan? Yeah, that wasn’t pretty.

The difference this time is that Liam thinks he saw his wife kissing Thomas when she wasn’t even there. She’d left before any of this had gone down. We spoke about this yesterday. However, Spencer just assumes that something happened between Hope and her ex-husband.

Also, Hope is going to be taken aback by her husband’s accusations when he ‘confronts’ her about cheating on him. What makes this whole thing really annoying is that Liam is repeating the pattern Thomas has explained to Finn.

Drunk Liam And The Pattern

Liam’s pattern has been the same for a decade. Steffy makes a play for him and he goes running while Hope is left devastated. Then, the Forrester heiress does something and he goes running back to Logan and the circle just continues. Fans are so sick of it! We know we are.

However, this time it’s different seeing as Steffy is in a relationship with Finn and so she’s cheating too. She allows herself to get drunk and doesn’t think about her beau once in that time. Sure, Liam mentions him in conversation but that’s not the point.

Steam should just get back together if they keep straying from their respective partners. Oh, no. Wait. Liam can never decide who he wants and he has daughters with both Hope and Steffy so one loses out regardless of the situation.

It would be nice if Hope got with Finn. There. We said it. They seem to get on really well and they’re not likely to cheat on each other.

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