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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy’s Drug Habit Is Causing Her To Lose Control Of Everything She Holds Dear


Steffy’s drug habit has become a problem and it’s becoming obvious. Liam is forced to step in and takes Kelly causing his ex-wife to freak out.


Wow. Just wow. Steffy is becoming more unhinged and when Liam finds her passed out on the couch due to her drug use, he decides to take Kelly for the time being. That did not go well. Even Thomas can see how messed up his sister is right now. She begins screaming that her daughter is being ‘kidnapped’ and declines the suggestion she is abusing pain meds she was given by Vinny.

Steffy’s doctor, Finn has told her ‘no’ when it comes to another prescription of pain meds. He has been worried about her dependence on the drugs and knows how addicting they are. Meanwhile, Thomas’ bestie, Vinny has supplied the Forrester heiress with illegal pills that are exactly the same as the ones she was given originally.

Having a drug problem is what Finn was worried about and while he might be blinded by his attraction to Steffy, Liam can see right through her. After all, he was married to her (snore!) and he is the father of her daughter. Despite their incapability to be together, they do make a good co-parenting team.

Liam’s Stupid Worry Over Finn’s Attraction – Is It Jealousy?

Liam is a waffler plain and simple. While he denies Thomas’ accusations that he’s jealous of the hot doc, could the fashion designer be right? Sure, the Spencer heir is married to his longtime squeeze (yes, we went there) Hope and is daddy to Beth and stepdad/cousin to Hope’s adopted son, Douglas. So, why is he so worried about Finn?

Finn has been nothing but supportive of Steffy’s recovery and Liam is getting ‘bad vibes’ from him. He claims its because he feels the doc cannot be professional if he has feelings for Forrester Creations’ co-CEO and single mother to Kelly. He also thinks that he is giving her the drug fix.

Also, Thomas is suddenly pro-Lope for some odd reason, which we don’t expect to last very long. However, he’s right about Liam. The guy needs to stay out of Steffy’s personal life. They’re not together anymore and the only contact they need to have is for Kelly’s sake.

Steffy’s Blackout

Steffy’s blackout freaked Liam out. She was passed out on the couch and she couldn’t be woken up. For all her ex-husband knew, she could’ve been dead. Then, when she woke up, there was hell to pay from Liam who questioned whether she’d been taking pills. She lied to his face but he allowed his instincts to take over and he tore the living room apart and found the illegal drugs under the couch cushions.

After more arguing, Liam announced he was taking Kelly with him and this caused Steffy to accuse him of kidnapping her daughter. Does she forget that it took the two of them to conceive their little girl? She doesn’t own Kelly! She’s not a doll, but a little girl who is currently in an unsafe environment.

Liam Did The Right Thing With Kelly

While we agree with Thomas in regards to Finn and Liam’s waffling, we do have to admit that the dad of three (yes, he’s basically Douglas’ second dad) did the right thing with taking Kelly. All of Steffy’s loyal fans will probably throwing popcorn at the screen saying to leave to the child with her unstable mother, but if they had kids and their own partner had an addiction, would they leave a child in the house with them? Surely not!

Yes, The Bold and the Beautiful is just a soap opera. But, it draws on real life. Drug addiction is a very real problem in a lot of countries and children are often caught in the crossfire if someone doesn’t step in. Liam, despite his waffling between two women for ten years, did what his gut told him to do; protect his daughter, despite her mother’s protests.

That’s what makes him a terrific father to his kids; he will fight for them, not matter what. He might not be the best partner because he can’t make up his mind regarding who he wants to be with. Liam has also come to accept Douglas as one his own and so he should. The little boy not only reunited him and Hope with Beth, but he’s also Caroline’s son.

Why Does Brooke Suddenly Get Blamed For Something She’s Not Even Involved In?

Brooke has done a lot of stupid things over the years. But, why does she suddenly get blamed by a drugged up Steffy of something she wasn’t even aware of until now? We’re talking about how her on/off stepdaughter barges into her house and will start accusing her of being in on ‘Hope and Liam’s kidnap plot’.

Firstly, Steffy is delusional because of the drugs. Secondly, Brooke hasn’t done anything this time. She is just as worried about her as everyone else is. To say she never cared about Steffy or Thomas is a total lie. But, this is not about that at all. Finally, she didn’t know about what was going on with the drug use until Liam mentioned something was going on.

Steffy told someone a while ago that while she had her issues with Brooke, she had learned to live with it. This was in contrast to Thomas who hates her with every fibre of his being. They see her a homewrecker who destroyed their family. However, at least the heiress was willing to accept it. Now, her drug bender has forced all her ’emotions’ to rise to the surface.

Why Steffy’s Drug Addiction Is A Topic That Needs To Be Explored

Drug addiction is a massive issue in America and it needs to addressed some time. Also, it needs to addressed by a character who hasn’t dealt with it before. Steffy is the perfect person for this for a couple of reasons. They are:

  • She’s never dealt with something this serious before
  • It adds to her already huge list of issues as of late
  • It shows how similar she is to Hope

Steffy loyalists love to blame Hope for even the smallest things. They’re even blaming her for her their beloved Steffy’s drug addiction. First, we’re not siding with anyone. We are just stating facts.

Secondly, Hope cannot be held responsible for every little thing that goes wrong in Steffy’s so-called perfect life. She is not the strong woman her fans think she is. The heiress is a HUMAN being like everyone else on The Bold and the Beautiful. She is not superwoman and neither is her on/off stepsister. Again, they are fictional individuals who happen to be in love with the same guy. *sigh*

Hope has dealt with drug addiction too and people have said it was her fault while no one is blaming Bill for making Steffy addicted to her painkillers after he hit her. Yes, it was an accident and the pain she must be feeling must be terrible. But drugs is never the answer and she denying that she has a problem.

When Hope had her addiction, Amber took advantage of the situation and continued to fuel it. Steffy has tried to follow the doctor’s orders but can’t escape the pain. She is also still hurting from having Beth taken from her.

Stop Blaming Hope For Everything

Hope is not a perfect human being and as we’ve said, neither is Steffy. Many fans also forget that they are NOT real people! It’s fine to have an opinion but dissing someone who doesn’t exist is just stupid.

Characters are created for a single purpose; to entertain. They are not there to be ridiculed and judged because of their decisions. The characters are the way they are because of the writers. People might not agree with their take on a story but it’s not your place to dictate that. To do so is just silly and unnecessary. There is quite literally Facebook pages that hate Hope and criticise everything she does. So what if people hate her? She is a character on a television show. So is Steffy and Liam and Thomas. For all those loyalist fans who create stan accounts just to diss a fake person, you have no life goal.

Hope was created to be the polar opposite to Steffy and her mother Brooke. She doesn’t go after married men but rather loses them to her more sexualised rival who wants to make her feel like she just can’t win because she has a different moral code. To all those Steam fans who will argue back, please don’t. We don’t waste our breath on people who want to justify something that is fictional. Get over yourselves.

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