Battle Of The Dresses: Why Catherine’s Gold Dress Worked And Why Meghan’s Red Dress Did Not


DRESS WARS – That’s a single way to describe what Meghan Markle was attempting to accomplish at the Intrepid Awards in New York. She was looking for a revenge dress moment that outdid Catherine’s Bond Premiere dress. While she got the moment, it didn’t quite work the way she thought it would.

Meghan’s personality shines through in her Gala dress. It shows her as someone who doesn’t give a damn and wants to be the centre of attention. Given how she acted on the red carpet in attempting to steer Harry in the direction she wanted, this is just one example of her self-importance.

What we’re focusing on in this post is how Catherine’s drop-dead gorgeous gold gown stole the show. We’re also going to discuss why Meghan’s out-of-season red dress fell flat.

Catherine: The Queen Of Style

When it comes to fashion, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge could wear a paper bag and she’d still look incredible. Almost any style of clothing suits her. She has had the occasional miss in the dress stakes, but nothing that screams, “nightmare!”

Since she married Prince William in 2011, Catherine’s fashion and style has gone from strength to strength. However, she always plays it safe and recycles many of her previously worn outfits. Princess Anne is known for doing this too.

However, when the Duchess of Cambridge walked the red carpet at the premiere of the latest James Bond movie, she stole the show. Even James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, was mesmerised by her.

[Credit: Page Six]

In all honesty, Catherine deserved it. After all the grief she has gotten in the past year by her jealous sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge got her shining moment. Though she’s not the vengeful type, and we all know this as it shows in her character.

What Catherine shows by wearing this incredible gown is that she is no longer playing it safe. While the red carpet wasn’t about her as she was simply a guest alongside her husband, Prince William, father-in-law Prince Charles and stepmother-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, she stood out by genuinely engaging with the cast of the film. She didn’t grab her hubby’s hand and pull him away when she wanted his attention on her. Moreover, she didn’t care about attention. All she wanted was to have a good time, and it’s clear she did.

Let’s not forget that William could not keep his eyes off her.

Meghan: What The Hell Happened?

[Credit: US Weekly]

Let’s face it. Meghan is jealous of Catherine. She always has been. From all the wicked looks behind her back to the dig she took at her for allegedly making her cry before the 2018 wedding, Markle doesn’t deserve to be a royal or to carry the feminine version of her husband’s title. Anyway, that’s not why we’re here.

We wanted to dress THAT dress at the Intrepid Awards gala in which Meghan wasn’t originally supposed to attend. She was not on the announcement with Harry. So, the gown is not flattering in any way, shape, or form. Again, this is not shaming Markle. She’s a gorgeous woman, but her fashion sense is far below what it should be. Over the five years, she has been with Harry, her outfits have ranged from “okay” to “oh, what is she wearing?”

[Credit: Pinterest]
[Credit: Marie Claire]

Let’s not forget that outfit she wore to someone’s wedding that looked like it was fashioned from an old curtain. Yeah, that is not one of her more flattering looks. Though, one thing is for certain. Her colour is definitely red. We knew this from looking at her Deal or No Deal promo images.

Going back to the Intrepid Gala dress and it did not fit her very well. Unlike her time on Suits or Deal or No Deal, where she had a stylist to make alterations, she did not even seek one for this outfit, and it shows. It was too tight for her, and it didn’t sit on her body like it was supposed to. If she wanted to outdo Catherine’s gold dress, she didn’t achieve it. Not by a long shot.

Again, we’re not shaming her. Ultimately, there was something weird going with the breast cups in the gala dress. It was like on a sports bra when it’s been washed too many times, and insert dislodges.

Deal Or No Deal Dress

Notice the dress Meghan is wearing in the promo for Deal or No Deal. The dress fits her like a glove. As cliche as that is, the image above speaks for itself. Then compare it to the outfit on the left that looks like a curtain. The curtain dress is a total train wreck. with the fascinator, it looks like she has toilet paper stuck to a plastic plate and then called it a hat.

Also, with the Deal or No Deal getup, notice she has an even spray tan. This is not the case with the outfit she wore to the Intrepid Gala. You’ll notice in close-up shots that it is patchy and unevenly applied. Here’s a photo from the event:

[Credit: POPSUGAR]

Look at her bust. You can see how much tan is missing. It appears she misjudged how high the dress sat or how low the plunge in the neckline was. Regardless, if this was coincidental or not, she wanted to make a statement, and that is what she did.

Stylist vs. No Stylist

Meghan needs to get herself a stylist because she keeps making fashion faux pas. Sure, her fans will love what she’s wearing, but can’t people see that much of what she wears doesn’t suit her? In court documents released last week as per the U.S. Sun’s Claudia Aoraha, Markle vented to Jason Knauf that the only part of her life as a royal that she had control over is her own styling choices while she was a royal. In other words, all parts of her life were controlled.

What did she actually expect?

Allegedly, the media was told she had a stylist when she didn’t. We’re not going to weigh into that debate because Meghan was so hell-bent on doing things her own way. Also, the royals aren’t controlling. Meghan, if you’re reading this, which we doubt, get your stories straight. You wanted to go your own way and you did, so YOU said that you didn’t want a stylist. Then, you blame it on the royals and say they’re controlling. Whatever happened to Harry’s narrative of “they’re like the family she never had”?

Catherine Respects What People Tell Her

What is so inspiring about Catherine’s fashion choices is that she listens to what people tell her and knows what suits her. She doesn’t buy something if it doesn’t look good on her. Now, we don’t know if the Duchess of Cambridge has a stylist. However, it shouldn’t matter as she has been around the royal family for twenty years and understands there are rules. She is free to do as she wants, as long as it doesn’t break the rules too much.

One example is how the Queen doesn’t like royal women wearing wedged shoes. Catherine has worn them on multiple occasions. Yes, Meghan has too, but we’ve only seen her wear them maybe once. Going back to Catherine, it depends on what she is wearing.

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