There’s More Drama Surrounding Harry And Meghan But What Else Is New?


All we get with Harry and Meghan nowadays (which is everyday) is drama…

Drama. Drama. And… more drama! Does it ever end with Harry and Meghan? Apparently not as there’s a few stories we need to cover. In all honesty, it feels like we’re just repeating ourselves at this rate. The Sussexes could not be more predictable. Their pattern of hypocrisy is just amazing to the point it’s becoming a tad unhealthy with the amount of time we mention it on this site.

Also, to the Sugars who might be reading this, throw whatever the hell you want at us. We’ve gotten to the point we don’t just give a fuck anymore. You’re not worth our energy anymore.

Sorry for the mini-rant. It had to be said. Anyway, without any more delay, let’s get onto the post.

The Oprah Interview Has Been Nominated For An Emmy

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So, this post came to mind when we were browsing through Twitter this morning and discovered that the shitshow that was the Oprah interview had been nominated for an Emmy. Yep. You read that right. A freaking Emmy and this is according to 9Honey.

What makes this so ridiculous is that they could’ve chosen any other Non-Fiction special but it looks to us like they needed something to fill the last spot and they just picked something that was produced by Oprah. Also, we can just imagine Meghan’s smug remarks if it wins. After all, she has always wanted to win a really big award. However, she won’t be the one accepting it. Oprah or one of her producers will. Of course, Markle will make it all about herself.

We physically wanted to be sick when we heard about it. Also, there are better nominations in the category which include David Letterman and Stanley Tucci. Also, the category is Prime Emmy Award for Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special. ‘Outstanding hosted’? Are you FUCKING kidding us?! It was not researched, fact-checked and it was one-sided. Also, it aired on CBS which is the same network that aired the interview.

So, it took us a while to find the list but we found the category on Rotten Tomatoes‘ extensive (and very detailed) list. The networks CBS is up against are Netflix, CNN [which has two nominations], and Showtime. It would look odd if there wasn’t something from CBS in this one particular category given how long Oprah has worked on and off with them.


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FYI: We’re aware the baby in the photo is Archie…

We all know that Harry and Meghan are like leeches. They thrive off something. In this case, drama. During the Oprah interview, the Sussexes said the monarchy was racist for even questioning the colour of Archie’s skin. The stories differ from when Meghan was pregnant to before they were married. It has been suggested that there were multiple ‘racist’ conversations according to 9Honey as per comments made by Omid Scobie.

That’s not the conversation we’re having. It’s the one about Lili’s christening we’re here to have. We’ll go over it again in a more detailed post but the gist is that there have been reports that the Sussexes will return to the UK in September. Whether that’s true we don’t know and we probably won’t know until late August.

Now, it is rumoured that Lili’s christening is coming up but people are beginning to notice something odd. She’s not listed on the official royal website. She’s not even listed in the line of succession. Apparently, there may be a reason for it. A smart Twitter Sleuth, @_MsPrint found an article from a government website saying – in a nutshell – that anyone in line for the throne must be christened in the Church of England. We did find something a while ago which said that people have been removed from the line of succession due to their change of religion which is part of the Perth Agreement.

Also, Archie was added to the line of succession after he was born. Not to mention, he was born in Britain. So, the question is whether Lili’s christening will happen in the UK or in the US.

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