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What We Know So Far About Dragons: The Nine Realms

Nine Realms

How To Train Your Dragon is now in the present day, and we mean that literally. There’s a new television series arriving just days before Christmas called Dragons: The Nine Realms. The show is set 1,300 years after the events of the film trilogy and all the media that succeeds it.

Set in the present day, the story centres on a group of teenagers who discover the existence of dragons after they and their parents experience an anomaly in the form of a comet. The lead character is Tom Kullersen who befriends a dragon after he is saved from falling to his death.

In this post, we’re going to be going over what we know so far about The Nine Realms and how it slots into the overall continuity.

Son of Haddock

The lead character is Tom Kullersen who, much like Hiccup in the original film, befriends a dragon. According to the Dragons: The Nine Realms HTTYD Fandom page, Tom keeps his new friend a secret from the other teenagers he hangs around. However, over time, they learn what he is hiding.

Tom’s journey into becoming a dragon rider is very much linked to Hiccup’s, and there’s a reason for it. A translation of Tom’s surname, according to the character HTTYD page, is Son of Haddock, deprived of the Danish word Kuller, and the patronym søn/sen, which translates as “son of”. Here’s a screenshot from the page as a better reference.

This ultimately implies but does NOT confirm that Tom is a descendant of Hiccup. Also, Tom has the same blonde hair as Astrid and Nuffink. In the trailer, there is a biking helmet that strongly resembles the one Stoick wore and the one that was made for Hiccup from his mother’s breastplate.

The Link To Toothless

The character description for the lead dragon character, Thunder describes him as a descendent to Toothless and the Light Fury. In other words, he’s a Night Light, a sub-species bought upon by Toothless and the Light Fury mating. Given The Nine Realms takes place thirteen centuries after the films, the Night Fury and the Light Fury species would’ve died out, leaving the sub-species.

What’s more, if Thunder’s human rider, Tom, is a descendant of the Haddock clan, then there would be an even bigger connection. After all, Hiccup was the first Viking on Berk to ride a dragon. This was before it was discovered his mother had learned during her twenty-year absence.

Thunder will be searching for his tribe.

The Hidden World

The Hidden World will make an appearance as part of the reason the dragons resurface. The fissure that will open is an entrance to the Hidden World. We learned in the third film and various video games that there are multiple entrances.

Tom’s New Friends And Their Dragons Are Similar To The Berk Dragon Riders

With Tom being the new Hiccup in this new series, his new friends will resemble Hiccup’s friends. However, there are fewer kids in this group than in Hiccup’s.

Also, something we noticed is that none of the dragons except for the Night Light are familiar. However, there is one that resembles a Hideous Zippleback called a Mist Twister. While Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s Zippleback, Barf and Belch needed two riders, it appears the Mist Twister only needs one.

The Mist Twister in The Nine Realms is named Wu and Wei, and their rider is Jun Wong, and the dragon is a Tidal class. Barf and Belch were Mystery class and formerly, Fear.

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