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Motivational Speaker Dr Pamela Ayewoh-Bernard Wants Meghan Markle To Stay In The US

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Not all of the black community back Meghan’s claims of the royal family and the British public being racist. Just ask Dr Pamela Ayewoh-Bernard…

The British public is still reeling from Harry and Meghan’s claims of racism within Britain, especially within the walls of Buckingham Palace. In saying that, members of the English black community have come out saying that what the Sussexes are saying is not true. Look at the Kingdom Choir coming out to back Prince Charles as a prime example. Another person of colour who has come out is Dr Pamela Ayewoh-Bernard who is a motivational speaker and PhD Biotechnologist who has said she wants Markle to remain in the US, according to a Tweet she posted on March 14.

While her tweet was only short, Dr Pamela said:

[Credit: @DrPamelaBernard – Twitter]

Good on her for speaking up. Meghan does not represent the black communities of the world the way she thinks she does as she is biracial, not fully black. Has she suddenly forgotten that her estranged father is white, that she has white friends and family whom she abandoned and for what reason?

As Dr Pamela says in her tweet, the larger black population in the UK don’t walk screaming they are victims. No, they are loyal to their monarch, to their country and are raising their children to not cry wolf. Meghan just wants someone to blame for her not getting what she wants. The whole reason the Duchess of Sussex has said title is because she married into the royal family.

Meghan walks around like she’s the victim of a hate campaign where an entire country is out to get her. Honey, it’s not America in the 50s and 60s. She does not represent the UK in the way she should be. If she had followed the rules and stopped playing the victim, the black community would continue to love her. She does not speak for everyone.

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