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Sussex RUMOUR: Meghan Wanted A Role On Downton Abbey But Catherine ‘Beat Her To It’

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Meghan Markle wanted a role on Downton Abbey but didn’t end up with a part, but the Duchess of Cambridge is possibly playing a small role in the next film…

In 2015 while pregnant with her daughter, Princess Charlotte, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge found herself on the set of Downton Abbey, a show she and husband Prince William watched every week. Little did she realise that her future sister-in-law, Meghan Markle wanted a role in the hit series. This report comes from showbiz reporter, Neil Shaun in a YouTube video he posted to his channel on June 17.

Apparently, the actress had been looked at along with other actresses for Downton Abbey but it didn’t end up happening. Why the producers and Julian Fellowes would look at American actresses for a British show? It’s because there are some Americans in the series. Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham is American and the character is of the same nationality. Shirley Maclaine and Paul Giamatti who play Elizabeth’s mother and brother are also American.

According to what Neil was told, Meghan wanted to be in a show about nobility and Downton Abbey seemed like a good fit. As a fan of the show, we’re just glad it didn’t happen. Markle is not a very good actress as her time on Suits displayed. Just watching a handful of scenes posted to YouTube was cringe-worthy enough.

Going back to Catherine, it is said (according to Neil) that the actresses who will be appearing in the second film (yes, there’s a second movie) have been asked to examine the Duchess of Cambridge’s speeches to learn how she delivers her speeches. That way, they can use what they’ve learned in their performances. That must be upsetting to Meghan.

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