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The Bold And The Beautiful: Who Will Cause Thomas’ Downfall?

If The Bold and the Beautiful were a Batman movie, Thomas Forrester would be the Clown Prince of Crime. His downfall, much like the Joker’s comeuppance is coming and we’re totally onboard! Question is, how is this going to happen and who will cause his plan to win over Hope Logan to come unstuck?

New spoilers have been revealed by HopeBeth Spencer for the 9th March that says the following. Zoe and Thomas’s wedding starts. Thomas gets his comeuppance in a spectacular and unexpected way.

However, it’s next week (2nd March)’s spoilers that raises a few questions. Steffy overhears part of a conversation that she is not meant to hear. She then confronts him about his true motives for Zoe and Hope which results in an argument. But does the Forrester Creations co-CEO cause her brother’s downfall?

Does Thomas’ Downfall Happen At His Own Wedding?

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We know that the Zomas wedding is a sham to get Hope to ‘admit her feelings’ for Thomas so he can have what he wants. However, since he is going to ‘marry’ Zoe, the whole martial bliss is either not going to happen or it’s not going to last very long.

With Steffy losing faith that her big bro has moved on from his obsession with Hope, it might be her that throws a spanner in the works at his big shindig of a wedding. We would love to see this happen. Perhaps it could redeem the heiress in the eyes of Hope fans.

Wouldn’t it be something if Carter asks if someone objects to the marriage and Steffy stands up? Thomas would clearly tell her to keep quiet about what really happened with the kiss. But, what if she explains everything including what happened with the kiss she and Liam shared and how she overheard him scheming to get Hope.

We can just see how red Ridge’s face would be when the truth comes out! Also, it would a nice way for Steffy to get revenge for Thomas keeping the Phoebe is Beth secret from her.

Vinny Objects

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It’s no secret to Thomas that his best pal, Vinny hates what he is doing to Douglas. Having been abused as a child, the drug peddler doesn’t want another kid to go through what he did. He’s told his buddy time and time again that what he is doing to his son is wrong.

So, does this mean that Vinny might be the one to come clean about Thomas’ abuse of his son? What if he was Thomas’s best man at the wedding and Carter asks if anyone objects and he happens to speak up?

We can just see Thomas trying to stop him just as he would Steffy. Brooke might not like or trust Vinny, but she might listen to him if it’s about her horrid stepson. Then, Steffy might even back him up by mentioning how he made her kiss Liam and include what she overheard him saying.

Let’s see Ridge question his son if there’s multiple people who call him out.

Zoe Calls Off The Wedding Mid Way Through

Zoe; Hope's Line; rival's plan

Let’s say that Zoe makes it down the aisle and no one objects. What would happen if she comes to senses and calls the wedding off halfway through the ceremony? Will she listen to what Carter tells her about Thomas?

To see the look of shock on Thomas’s face would be priceless as she trashes him in front of all those who have gathered for their nuptials would be priceless. She cannot be as naive as she is, right? The whole reason she and psycho Thomas got together was because Steffy and Liam wanted her to be their spy. So, could Zoe be the one to cause her beloved’s downfall? We’ll just need to wait and see how the whole thing pans out.

Douglas Protests Getting A New Mummy

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We already know Douglas is deadset against having Zoe as his stepmother. While he said she’s nice to him, he wants Hope to marry his father despite his mother telling him that they tried it and it didn’t work. Unlike his dad, Douglas wants Beth to be a part of their ‘family’.

So, say for the sake of argument that the wedding does ahead. When Carter asks if someone objects, Douglas runs to his father and begs him not to marry Zoe. This might raise some alarm bells with the rest of the family and they might piece together that something isn’t right.

We already know that Eric and Ridge questioned Thomas over his motives to propose to Zoe. Perhaps, an outburst from the little boy they claim to love so much will open their eyes even more.

Carter Pulls A Fast One On Zoe


Carter is an awesome guy who is under-appreciated. He’s the Forrester family’s lawyer and he’s basically part of the famous clan as his adoptive brother is Marcus, Donna’s son with Justin and the adoptive son of Eric. He’s shown interest in Zoe and has tried – in his own way – to take her out of her relationship with Thomas.

While Carter respects Thomas as a designer, he can see through him when it comes to him using Zoe to get what he wants – Hope. However, she hasn’t listened to him. So, let’s say he begins the ceremony, but realises he needs to say something. He might go on about how the Forrester heir and Zoe aren’t destined to be together and that Tom is still after Hope.

The Forresters trust Carter and know he wouldn’t make stuff like that up. Will this make them open their eyes?

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