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The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Hope Going Too Far To Rescue Douglas?


Being a maternal figure to a motherless child is one thing, but is Hope going too far in wanting custody of Douglas?

This last year has been crazy on The Bold and the Beautiful. For eight months, the baby swap saga played out like a slow moving ferris wheel that didn’t go anywhere. Finally the truth got revealed with Hope and Liam reuniting with their daughter thanks to Douglas while Steffy ‘grieved’ losing ‘her little girl’.

Now, there’s another child-related story playing out and fans aren’t happy. This time the story revolves Douglas and who should have custody of the little boy who lost his mother. Some people, including the Forresters believe Hope is obsessed with the kid who helped reunite her with her baby.

We’re going to go over both sides of the argument, though we won’t give our opinion as it doesn’t matter what we think.

Yes; Hope Is Doing What’s Best For Douglas

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From the moment Douglas arrived in Los Angeles after the death of his mother Caroline, he’s developed a close bond with Hope. At the time, the new mama was grieving the loss of her daughter Beth, whom in reality had been stolen.

Hope and Douglas leaned on each other for support and this didn’t go unnoticed by Thomas. His past feelings for his ex began to resurface on a dangerous level. He wanted to marry her and make her forget about Beth, knowing the baby’s true identity. His endgame was to make her his son’s mother and make him forget Caroline was his true mother.

Being a mother means everything to Hope and she knows Caroline would want her son in a stable environment. When Thomas went AWOL after his involvement in the Beth secret, Douglas lived with Hope and Liam. He adored Beth and would make sure all her needs are met.

She loves the little man like her own and would do virtually anything to protect him. Despite her short-lived marriage to his father, she still allows Douglas to call her ‘Mommy’.

No; She’s Out Of Line And Obsessed

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Only team Steffy fans and the Forresters are going to think this, so let’s get it over and done with.

When it comes to Hope, she has doesn’t let anything go until she’s fulfilled her promise. This causes great concern for the Forresters which they view as borderline wrong. They also cannot believe Brooke is the one encouraging it. Even Shauna, who doesn’t like the way the Logans exiled her and Flo after the baby Beth secret came out, doesn’t like Hope’s plan.

Okay, while Hope’s heart is in the right place, she shouldn’t be blackmailing Thomas into handing over custody of his son. Though, what he’s doing by wanting sex from her in exchange for spending time is worse.

Hope can see what is going on when Ridge is blind to his darling son’s actions. However, his concern is his grandson should stay within the Forrester family. Since Hope is no longer married to Thomas, she’s not part of the ‘family’ and has no legal say over Douglas. Though, she is his [Ridge’s] stepdaughter as he’s still married to her mother.

What’s even more concerning is Hope is fighting Thomas with the same level of intensity he’s using against her. Basically, she’s stooping to his level, but to a lesser degree. She doesn’t use her sexuality to get what she wants the way Thomas thinks he’s god’s gift to women.

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