Umm… We Think Another Sussex Lie Has Been Debunked…


Mama Doria is believed to be assisting daughter Meghan while Prince Harry is in the UK. Though, didn’t the Duchess of Sussex say no one was supporting her with her mental health?

We think another Meghan’s claims from the Oprah interview has been debunked and not on purpose this time! An article by Hello! Magazine alleges that Doria is assisting her daughter while Prince Harry is in the UK farewelling his grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Going back over to the issue, the former actress had the bold claim that she had no one to support her when she was pregnant with Archie and that she was suicidal. Her husband seemed to back this up. But, there’s the real kicker, the Duchess of Sussex’s mother worked in mental health according to the New Yorker, so why didn’t they ask her for assistance?

Not to mention, Harry has done work with mental health charities in the past and helped to create Heads Together with William and Catherine. For all those Sugars who are reading this screaming at their screen, here’s proof:

mental health
[Credit: The Sun]

Before you all go ‘oh, it’s photoshopped’, yeah, it’s not. Look through Google images or go onto the Heads Together website, it’s there too. So, why would Meghan claim to not have help when she knew exactly where to get it? Also, why didn’t Harry correct her instead of following her lead? Had they suddenly forgotten all of this? This whole situation has made a lot of forward thinking people confused.

Mental health is a very serious conversation and Meghan is making it look like no one cares about it. She is making Harry look like a total laughing stock when he knew how to get mental health help for her. By making herself the victim by throwing in the never-ending race card, Markle is only showing who she truly is. An unsympathetic liar with the constant need to be in the media.

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