Why Is The World So Cruel? Lifestyle Influencer Trolled Over A Doona Cover

doona cover

What the hell, Instagram?! A lifestyle influencer got trolled over the weekend because a white doona cover on her bed! How fucking stupid is that?

Is it just me or does the internet or just the people on social media just keep getting dumber? Well, that’s case for a woman named Claire whose Instagram handle is @thekmartlover. The lifestyle influencer who has over 100k followers got a load of shit over the weekend all because of a doona cover. Yep, you heard that right. A fucking doona cover!

According to an article on10Daily, the influencer was called a racist and a white supremacist all because of a photo of a white waffle doona cover and a caption she posted with it which originally read, ‘White is right’. In case you’re confused, here’s the ‘offending’ photo:

What is WRONG with people?! You trolls have nothing better to do than to waste your time bullying other people! How would YOU like it if someone said that about something you loved? Also, how is there any racist factors in a fucking doona cover? It’s a BED cover! Would you be saying that if a black person did the same thing? No, you wouldn’t!

You have zero confidence in yourself and hide behind your keyboards thinking that if someone else is as miserable as you, you’ll feel better. Guess what?! It doesn’t work that way! If you had any kind of soul, you would apologise! Go ahead and take offence at everything! You’re not worth people’s attention.

If anything, Claire should be laughing at you for taking offence at something so trivial like a doona cover. Get over it and go jump into a lake, trolls!

Show Some Kindness To Claire

Claire, if you’re reading this, just know there are a lot of people behind you. You’re inspirational and shouldn’t waste your time with trolls. They’re just not worth it. If they cared, they would be commenting on how lovely the doona cover is. We love it!

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