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The Bold And The Beautiful: Forresters And Spencers Don’t Care About Douglas

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Douglas is a Forrester via his father, but he’s also got Spencer blood through his biological mother. But, neither side of his family seems to care about him.

After seeing a load of comments concerning the Forresters and the Spencers not doing a thing to stop Thomas from abusing Douglas, we thought we’d weigh into the conversation. They’re right and they don’t care about the little boy. If they did, they’d do something to save him from his horrible father.

What makes this even more disgusting is they all think the sun shines out of out of Thomas’s other end and that he really is a changed man and all this blah, blah, blah.

What Kind Of Family Are You?!

don't care
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Only Hope and Brooke, who are neither Spencers or Forresters seem to care about the welfare of Douglas. Liam loves the little man, but hates that his current ex-wife is linked to him, meaning she’s also linked to his psycho of a father. Meanwhile, Bill talks a big game about the kid being a Spencer and how much he hates Ridge and Ol’ Tommy Boy, but doesn’t do anything for his late niece’s son.

Steffy is also seen as ignorant towards her nephew. When Liam approached her after he saw Douglas run up the stairs after Thomas’s proposal to Zoe, she just shrugged it off. Despite his constant flip flopping between his baby mamas, at least he knows manipulation when he sees it.

Just the other day, Steffy was pissed at her brother and now, she simply does not care what happens with his son? Also, why is she calling Hope out for being a mother to her sick in the head bro’s son when all she cares about is getting her baby daddy back?

Now, Ridge goes on and on about how they should be forgiving everyone involved in Beth’s kidnapping and how Thomas is changed. He claims to love Brooke, but doesn’t listen to her when she tries to voice her opinion about something involving his precious son. Does he suddenly forget that she also had a child with him? RJ? Remember him? It’s no wonder Rick could never stand him.

Hope Is A Good Mother

don't care
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Steffy and her cult of fans are always calling Hope out for stealing Liam from her and whatever else they think. However did it occur to them that the Logan heiress is one of two people who actually care about Douglas’s welfare?

Oh, right! They HATE the Logans because “They take and they take and they take.” Steffy’s words, not ours. If you take into consideraton that Brooke is actually saying something right, does that really make her a terrible person? She adores Douglas if he were her grandson. Sure, she’s done some terrible things over the years but so has Taylor and let’s not forget Quinn.

Now, you might be wondering what that has to do with Hope being a good mother to Douglas. Well, it has a lot to do with it.

First off, Brooke has always been about family, even if her motives have been off. She’s learned a lot over the years and finally became an equal to Stephanie once they’d stopped fighting. Sure, she’s slept with every Forrester man but Steffy has slept with every Spencer man except Will, of course.

Unlike Steffy and her mother, Hope has only ever slept with Wyatt and Liam. She’s never slept with Bill or Thomas for that matter even when they were married. The Logan heiress wanted to lose her virginity when she married the man of her dreams. She got that wish but then she had it ripped away from her because of Steffy.

Also, Steffy should keep her nose out of how Hope parents. She herself basically neglected Kelly when she adopted “Phoebe”. All she could talk about was her adopted daughter and never her biological one. She even had the nerve to go on about how how much more she loved “Phoebe”.

No, Hope Is Not Neglecting Beth

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It might look like that Hope is neglecting Beth in the current storyline. From a writer’s standpoint, she’s not. The story is about Thomas trying to get what he wants which is her to fall desperately in love with him and being a family with him and Douglas. While all this is going on, he wants Steffy to have her ‘family’ back with Liam. However, he don’t care about Beth. Even in his ultimate fantasy of Brooke death, there’s no reference to the little girl his beloved Hope thought she lost.

Just because you don’t see Beth and Hope together on-screen too much at the moment, doesn’t mean she’s not being cared for. If you even cared to listen to what the characters are saying, you’ll notice Beth is being cared for by her mother. Same applies to Steffy. Kelly doesn’t always have to appear. Also, there’s a rule where young kids can only work on set for a few hours at a time.

The Sun Shines Out Of Zomas

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It’s clear as hell that the Forresters don’t care about Douglas and it became even more clearer when they welcomed Zoe into the family fold. What makes this obvious is the way they fawned over her, despite what she did to Steffy and Hope. It’s like none of that ever happened.

What the Forresters don’t see how Zoe’s relationship with Thomas is distressing Douglas. None of them saw him run up the stairs and Hope follow him. They don’t see how scared he is that the woman his father is now engaged to could replace Hope as his mother.

Yes, Hope told him she is legally his mother, but he’s a little boy who doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know that it’s okay to have more than two parents, biological, adopted or otherwise. Also, it is apparent Thomas has made him feel like Caroline abandoned him when she died. It’s sick and it’s wrong.

Also, the family seems to worship Zoe now! What the hell? She was the whole reason Reese wasn’t caught sooner! Did the Forresters simply forget that? Did they choose to ignore it because Thomas is a saint in their eyes? If Brooke and Liam are respected within the family fold, why are they being ignored?

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