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The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Eric End Up Back With Donna?


Donna Logan is the sister with the less baggage. From Brooke’s constant bed-jumping to Katie’s health issues, the middle sibling is the one who has had less drama, but could she have another chance with Eric?

Donna Logan is the middle sister who has had less drama than both her sisters combined. Sure, she almost got eaten by a bear when Pam was off her bipolar meds and she loved rubbing the Honey Bear nickname in Stephanie’s face, but she’s relatively tame compared to Brooke and Katie.

During her short time as Mrs Eric Forrester, Donna allowed him to adopt her long-lost son, Marcus who was a full-grown adult when they met. He even gave them a granddaughter, Rosie, whom he had Amber Moore.

Despite their break-up, Donna and Eric still have a close relationship which irked Stephanie and later, Quinn. She hasn’t committed any crimes though she did almost enter prostitution but it was never a done deal as it was unintentional.

With everything going on right now with Quinn, does that mean we could be getting Eric and Donna back together?

How This Whole Thing Could Play Out

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Quinn is currently rolling in her apparent victory of Brooke being dumped by Ridge. Her reasoning for doing what she did was because of two very simple reasons (according to her). The first she wanted her stepson to know his precious Logan was still a cheater while the second is she wants him with her BFF, Shauna so they can both be Forrester Matriarchs.

However, Eric was less than impressed with his wife when she told everyone at the party she uploaded the video to the photo frame. He’s always been Team Bridge, even before Quinn entered the picture. That’s the type of guy he is. He loves Brooke as another daughter and wants to see her and his son happy.

Given his wife’s role in the breakup, this will not have sat well with him. Yes, Brooke did a stupid thing but no one at the party was entirely innocent either. Most of them had cheated on their significant other at some point. Others had committed kidnappings and above all, attempted murder.

If Eric does dump Quinn, it will fracture her ego and show what type of person she really is. Donna could be the person he turns to for support. They’ve always gotten along and they share a son. She also doesn’t need a portrait on the wall to show her strength and position in the family.

Eric and Donna could talk about how Quinn is evil and whatever. They could share a kiss and everything would go from there. Then there’s the devil incarnated herself.

Quinn will likely do everything in her power to break them up or keep Eric at her side. She’s manipulated situations before, but there’s no telling how far she’ll go.

No One To Blame But Herself

Quinn doesn’t know what it means to Forrester Matriarch and even if Brooke were to leave town, there would still be traces of her around. Hope is still her daughter. Beth is her granddaughter. Katie and Donna will probably still be around.

If Eric does break up with her, it will be on her. Not on Brooke. She will have no one to blame but herself. Sure, she’ll properly call Donna a slut like Brooke for ‘seducing’ her husband away from her, but it will be futile. She’ll just be a bitter old hag who destroyed her own marriage.

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