Donald Trump Is The Loser! US President Drags Servicemen And Women Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Their Country


Donald Trump is an idiot! Yeah, we’ve said that countless times but the man has called American servicemen and women ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ for sacrificing their lives for their nation.

Who does Donald Trump think he is? God? No! It has been revealed by the Atlantic that the US President has said servicemen and women who sacrificed themselves for their country were ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’. This is not a good look for him as the military are core voters. What makes this even disgusting is his wife, Melania has defended him. Oh. God!

Anyone who supports a man like Trump should be taken to an army base and shown how tirelessly America’s servicemen and women work to keep their country safe!

Trump might claim he never said anything offensive, but he has as people have said he did! Also, he has denied that he cancelled a trip to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in 2018 because of his ‘views’. We know this is just total BULLSHIT. Here’s why. He claimed that the helicopter ‘just couldn’t fly.’ Ahh… that’s crap and he knows it. You could have gotten another chopper! Also, the Atlantic mentioned that he allegedly said that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him to the site. Again, this is WRONG! They have to do what they’re told and if they’re told to drive to a place, they will.

Oh, and apparently he didn’t want his hair ruined. Umm… okay then.

Servicemen And Women Deserve Respect, Mister President

We hate Trump, but we never thought he would sink this low. He should be honoring the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives for America’s freedom. He is disrespecting them and saying he doesn’t understand why they would lose their lives in a war.

Mister President, you SHOULD understand why people would sacrifice their lives for the country YOU run. Without their commitment, America would be a barren wasteland or something similar to The Hunger Games. America deserves so much more than to have a man as their Commander-in-Chief who doesn’t understand or appreciate the work they have put in to ensure the safety of their nation.

It should be noted that Trump’s brother, Fred Jr was in the armed forces – more specifically the National Guard. Mary, Donald’s niece tweeted the following about her dad:

[Credit: @MaryLTrump – Twitter]

Trump was raised to, unfortunately, discredit anyone for being ‘different’. His father taught him to hate his brother’s ambitions and what he believed in. This is wrong on so many levels. Donald is only following what he learned from his dad and this should never have happened. He should respected Fred Jr’s decision to join the National Guard and do something good for their beloved country. Instead, he chose to be cruel and vindictive.

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