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Home And Away: Jasmine’s Behaviour Begins To Become Obvious

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What started out as good intentions, Jasmine Delaney is living out a fantasy online of being her stepdaughter’s mother. Her disturbing behaviour is now being noticed by her friends and they’re beginning to worry.

We know we’ve covered this topic a lot, but it’s the best part of covering Soap Operas. So, as we’ve reported, Jasmine’s disturbing behaviour has beginning to worry those around her. Our post last Thursday mentioned the car-jacking and the nurse accusing Tori of being a bad mother.

To summerise, Jasmine goes to Colby at the Police Station and asks if Tori leaving Grace in the car is neglect. He says it’s not when she was only out of the vehicle for a few seconds. Mac also notices her disturbing behaviour. She notices the nurse is agitated after seeing her hang with a lawyer. When she asks what’s going on, the sick woman tells her that as Grace’s stepmother she has no legal right.

Tonight’s episode has Willow beginning to notice her best friend’s disturbing behaviour. Jasmine lies to her about being fine about the ordeal. She says staring at the spreadsheets for the gym was the perfect distraction. However, once the nurse is out of the room, the personal trainer finds she left the forum open and sees all the lies she has written about Tori.

Jasmine Says The Forum Is For Tori

It’s disturbing behaviour when you claim to have set up a forum account for a friend, but then pretend to be them. What irked us the most is that Jasmine tells Willow that the people on the website don’t judge her.

She is so full of crap! She is spreading lies about a mother she is clearly envious of because she [Tori] had a child with her husband and she [Jasmine] did not. We’ve also mentioned the possibility that Wendy and Ian might be bought into the fold. While this is not confirmed, it would not be surprising if this happened.

Jasmine has become so unhinged that she has herself and the mothers on the forum convinced that she is Grace’s mother and that Tori is some interloper.

Jasmine Calls Tori Reckless And Justin’s Concerns Resurface

It is of no surprise that Justin is becoming increasingly concerned that Jasmine is obsessed with his niece. Not to mention, during the nurse’s outburst to Mac and Willow, she calls Tori reckless for leaving her daughter in the car and that it’s child neglect.

How is it child neglect when Tori was going to go back to the car? Also, how was she to know her vehicle was going to be stolen? Would Jasmine be calling foul if Grace was left at home when there were people like fifty metres away?

Also, Willow chats with Justin about the situation and he tells her that Jasmine needs to step back and is over-protective. However, we can see that he knows she’s not and that she’s obsessed and isn’t thinking clearly. He even goes so far as to say Jas is now accusing his sister of not taking care of her child properly.

Willow says she doesn’t think Jasmine meant what she said and that she was just caught up in what happened. Justin even says that Tori is way too kind to say that her friend is overstepping so it’s up to him to put out the fires.

Leah Notices Jasmine Overstepping

When she goes to the Diner for coffee, Jasmine asks Leah how Grace is. Leah says that the infant was a little unsettled probably because she could sense Tori’s stress.

Upon hearing this, Jasmine says she’ll go over and see if she can help. Leah, realising what she’s trying to do, stirs her away from Grace and the Morgan house. However, what catches her attention is when the nurse makes the offhand comment about hoping Tori doesn’t leave the baby in the car again.

Leah then makes the point that Tori just wants one-on-one time with Grace and that Jasmine shouldn’t call her.

Writing Down Lies

After talking with Willow, Jasmine begins to write down her feelings rather than vent them on the forum. This was a suggestion that was posted to the website as one user mentioned that they were abused by their ex and they wrote down what was going on that ended up getting the person arrested.

In her written log, Jasmine claims that Tori denied her access to Grace and does not allow her to visit when she does. She also writes that other family members (ie Justin and Leah) deny her access. All lies! How is she going to play this? Is she goes to present her ‘evidence’ to Police, the Shaws, the FACS and order them to give her custody? Only time will tell.

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