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Home And Away: Weighing In On The Season Finale And Characters Who Will Appear In 2021

Many of our favourite Summer Bay residents were in distress in Home and Away 2020 Season finale…

What a year it has been for the residents of Summer Bay. From obsessions to gut-wrenching betrayals, Home and Away has seen it all. However, no one in the Bay could’ve seen what happened in tonight’s Season finale coming. The distress is going to carry on into next year as it always does.

In this post, we’ll be discussing what happened and where it could go from here. We’re also going to be summing up new and returning characters who will appear throughout next year. We’re just going to summerise the episodes.

2020 Season Finale


Tori and Christian deal with the Jasmine situation that is affecting their relationship. Justin deals with stuff Ziggy hasn’t finished like paying invoices and bills. Meanwhile, the Paratas deal with the armed robbery debacle. Things take a turn when the garage ends up getting raided by the police due to Tane’s stolen goods which leaves the garage owner in a form of distress over being lied to.


Marilyn and Irene talk about John’s online dating experience. Justin orders that Ziggy explain what’s going on with the garage while Tori and Christian have a talk about his future in the Bay. John agrees to dinner with Irene. Ziggy tries to avoid Tane but they do what Justin predicted; they end up in bed together.


In the final episode, Jasmine gets approval to see Colby in prison. Bella and Dean chat over breakfast about Nikau, Colby, and Ziggy. Tane wakes up from his one night stand with Ziggy and she’s back at home thinking over what happened between them. Kieran bonds with Martha and Roo much to the distain of Alf. Roo takes her new brother on a tour of the town.

Jasmine runs into her old friend and fellow nurse Lewis at the prison on her way to visit Colby. Kieran tries to pressure Jasmine into giving him a job but it fails when Lewis is forced to step in. Bella, needing a source of comfort, face times Nik. Lewis reveals his wife died in a car crash. She then tells him that Robbo died the same way. Colby is cornered in prison with one of the inmates revealing he knows he’s a cop, leaving his fate unknown.

2021 Characters – New And Returning


Heath Braxton – It’s been a few months since it was revealed that River Boy Heath Braxton would be returning. It’s unknown why he is back but we speculated it might have to do with Colby and breaking him out of prison. However, given the way the season ended with the inmates revealing they know he’s a cop, our thoughts have changed. We now think that Heath’s return might have something to do with the issues the Parata boys are having.

Willow Harris – The last time we saw Willow, she left the Bay in a hurry after seeing the the distress her presence caused best friend Dean and surrogate little sister, Bella. According to Back to the Bay, she is coming back, but for what reason? It’s possible that she returns for Colby’s memorial/funeral. It’s also evident that actress Sarah Roberts has been spotted around set so she hasn’t left the show.

Amber and Jai Simmons – Dean’s baby mama and their little boy return in the new year. River Jarvis who plays Jai has had photos uploaded in recent weeks to his parent run Instagram account which feature onscreen dad, Patrick O’Connor (Dean). If he’s back, then so is onscreen mum, Madeleine Jevic.

Ava Gilbert – Justin’s daughter, Ava is going to reappear at some point next year too, but when and why is currently unknown.


Lewis HayesINXS: Never Tear Us Apart star, Luke Arnold debuts in the 2020 Season finale as an old friend of Jasmine’s. She had a fling with him when they were younger but it never went anywhere. Per Back to the Bay, he later married her best friend who later died. He wants revenge of Christian for his wife’s death. Question is, what did the neurosurgeon do to cause this sort of reaction?

Katherine – Is Ryder getting a new love? It’s quite possible he is and she’ll be played by Sam Barrett. The last love interest he had was Jade, who was a conniving pervert. From the little information we have (from Back to the Bay), she was originally believed to be rival to Bella give the set photos of Nikau’s arm being around her.

UPDATE: It has since been revealed that the character of ‘Katherine’ is actually named ‘Chloe’ and she has a tie to Ari through her mother.

Susie McCalister – We see in the 2021 promo that Bridie Carter makes her entrance in the new year. From the information we’ve read, Susie is a real estate agent who ends up with John.

Anna Samson’s unknown character – There’s a bit of confusion surrounding. Anna Samson’s upcoming character. Most speculation is she will be the new Summer Bay cop, replacing Colby in the wake of his death. However, set photos have seen her dressed in the uniform of the Summer Bay gym. So… which is it? It’s also rumoured she might try to shack up with Ari. Umm… what happened between him and Mac? It’s also speculated by one Home and Away Spoiler FB Group is that her character’s name is Bridget. This is NOT confirmed.

UPDATE: Anna Samson’s character was revealed to be related to the Katherine character who’s name is actually Chloe in the show. Samson’s character’s name is Mia who has a past with Ari. Mia is the mother to Chloe.

A Message For The Fans

Hey guys, now we know the finale was a bit of a disappointment. However, had there been no COVID, there might’ve been a more intense cliffhanger. Last year’s ending was one of the best in the recent years.

The 2019 finale didn’t really have a cliffhanger as we saw the aftermath of who was shot straightaway. Rest in peace, Mason. Anyway, there’s likely to be a massive show of distress when the show picks up in the new year.

Also, just because we don’t see what happens with Colby, doesn’t mean we won’t see… something when the series returns. For all we know, his death may happen off screen.

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