Jessica Mulroney: Stylist Distraught Over Losing Duchess Of Sussex As A Friend


How the mighty have fallen for Jessica Mulroney, the now ex-best friend of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The disgraced stylist is said to be distraught over losing her friendship with the former actress.

Jessica Mulroney is in the headlines again and is reportedly distraught over the destruction of her friendship with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. This comes after her firing from Good Morning America as a fashion commentator following a feud she had with black blogger and influencer, Sasha Exeter.

For those who are only discovering this now, let’s recap what actually happened before go any further.


Sasha Exeter who is an influential black influencer posted content on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement and included a generic caption to one of her photos on Instagram. Mulroney misinterpreted the quote as being about her and threatened the single mother-of-one with a lawsuit.

Exeter then called Mulroney out on her wealth and privilege as a white woman. She also mentioned in her 12 minute video that she posted to IGTV that Jessica should’ve known better as her best friend is the first biracial woman to marry into the British Royal Family. Though, Sasha said she stopped short of calling the stylist a racist.

Jessica has issued an apology for her actions and has even posted a link to a Black Lives Matter website.

Jessica Fears She Will Never Work Again

If the Nine Honey article linked above is any indication, Mulroney is believed to be fearful that with her reputation now tainted, she might never work again. She should have thought about that when she threatened Sasha with legal action. She underestimated her because of the colour of her skin which is not right.

Jessica is one of many white privileged people who flaunt their wealth and power without fear of consequences. These individuals think they’re invincible because their families, friends, and supporters will back them up. It’s people like Mulroney that give white people a bad name. There’s so many caucasians who are doing a load of good in the world and standing up for the rights of black people.

Does Jessica deserve never to work again? Yes, and as harsh as that sounds, it should teach her that because she’s white, does not automatically excuse her actions.

Ben Mulroney Steps Down From ETalk

Two weeks after the controversy surrounding Jessica, her husband Ben stepped down from his position as a co-anchor of Canadian Entertainment program ETalk. In a video posted to the Your Morning Twitter account, he said that while his privilege has gotten him a long way in his career, he wanted to create change within in the media for a person of colour to take his place.

[Credit: Twitter]

Now, he didn’t have to do this, but he wanted to. Some might argue that he was pushed given what his wife did, but don’t think that’s case at all. What Jessica did has nothing to with him. Sure, he’s her husband but it was her actions that got her in hot water, not his.

We also need to point out that Ben would’ve been fired if the situation did include him directly. Also, we don’t condone what Jessica said and did. It was disgusting and she needs to wake up to the fact that the world does not revolve around the famous.

Our Thoughts On Jessica Being Distraught And Whether Meghan Did The Right Thing In Ditching Her

Do we believe Jessica is distraught over losing Meghan has a friend. Umm… We’re not sure how to feel about this for a couple of reasons. The first being that if she really cared about Meghan, she would’ve supported Black Lives Matter sooner. Also, if she cared about this at all she would have mentioned the movement while promoting her show, I Do, Redo.

If she was truly distraught, she would’ve reached out to Meghan personally. For all we know, she might’ve done that. We’ll never know what is actually gone behind-the-scenes.

Now, did Meghan do the right thing in ditching Jessica? We believe she did, despite our feelings towards the Duchess. It’s like the saying goes, Guilty by association. The renegade royal wife has made a bold move in distancing herself from her stylist pal of almost a decade.

Like Pippa Middleton being Catherine’s little sister, Jessica made an impact on royal watchers as the best friend of a newcomer to the royal family. However, while it might’ve been easy to cut her off in theory, it would’ve hurt big time for Meghan. After all, Mulroney introduced her to influential figures in the Entertainment industry and helped her make connections.

Meghan didn’t want to get involved with her former best friend’s drama and distancing herself was the right move. She has enough crap going on without being pulled into someone else’s drama. It is as simple as that.

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