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The Bold And The Beautiful: Liam Frets Over Vinny’s Death, Thomas Tells Hope His Former BFF Is Dead To Him, And Quinn And Zoe Relish In Paris’ Discomfort


Discomfort all around. Liam and Bill have a screaming match over what to do about Vinny’s body, Thomas tells Hope what his former friend did was unforgivable while Quinn and Zoe laugh at Paris’ unfortunate date…

Wow, discomfort was a theme in today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Liam frets over leaving Vinny’s body behind, Paris’ embarrassment makes her sister feel really good about herself and Thomas tells Hope about how he blocked his now dead friend. Question is, how will these storylines play out now?

Zoe, despite saying she feels guilty about spiking her sister’s smoothie, has no conscience. She’s jealous and it shows on her face when Paris sees a text from Zende. It’s clear to the audience she doesn’t feel remorse even a little bit. She may say it but it doesn’t mean it’s genuine.

At Bill’s house, Liam’s obvious discomfort at having hit and killed Vinny is beginning to weigh on him. He and his father end up in a screaming match over what to do. Dollar Bill says he got rid of their victim’s wallet and phone so it will take a while for the Police to identity the body.

Meanwhile, at the Cabin, Thomas drops Douglas off after their night off and he sits and chats with Hope. When the topic of Vinny comes up, the fashion designer says he’s blocked his bestie in his phone and as far as he’s concerned, he’s dead to him. Little does he realise how literal that has become.

Paris’ Misfortune Might Not Be A Bust

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Despite her discomfort given her stomach, Paris’ text from Zende might not be such a bad thing after all. He sends her the selfie they took together with hearts on it. As cute as that is, it really seems to annoy Zoe as it should. Her sister deserves to be happy, whereas she needs to get off her high horse and realise that the guy they both have a crush on doesn’t want her. He gave up when he realised she was with someone else.

We generally hope that Paris finds out about how spiteful her sister has been towards her. There is no doubt in our minds that Quinn is going to defend Zoe and call the Forrester Foundation employee a little brat for ‘invading her model sibling’s turf’.

Honestly, both Zoe and Quinn need to a good tongue lashing.

Liam And Bill’s Screaming Match

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Liam’s obvious discomfort is going to cause a lot of headaches going forward and we mean that literally. He’s not like his father who can just sweep something under the rug by throwing away evidence. While Bill claims that him destroying Vinny’s phone and getting rid of his wallet was to protect his son, Liam is right. It is only going to incriminate them further.

Bill’s rebuttal is that the police and the court will see Liam as having killed Vinny in cold blood because of his involvement in Steffy’s paternity drama and how he single handedly attempted to destroy his marriage to Hope so Thomas could be with her. He then orders his son to shower and to change his clothes.

The screaming continues back and forth.

Thomas Tells Hope That Vinny Is Dead To Him

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Finally, Thomas’ chat with Hope turns to Vinny very briefly and what’s interesting about this is how the fashion designer says he no longer considers the drug dealer a friend and that he is ‘dead’ to him. Wait until he finds out that this is now literal. What’s more is how he’ll likely react when he finds out of his ex-BFF’s demise.

It’s clear that Thomas’ discomfort that Vinny attempting to help him get the woman of his dreams is still weighing on him. We like him a lot more now than what we did when he was evil. He actually realises what he did was wrong and Brooke, Liam, and Wyatt are totally wrong and totally paranoid.

If he wasn’t being sincere, Hope would want him nowhere near her.

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