Look Out Omid Because People Are Digging Into Your Past Now

The past is digging itself to the surface, Omid and you can’t stop it…

We reported earlier this week that the bullying and doxing of YouTuber Yanky Wally is coming from so-called royal editor, Omid Scobie. Now, people are digging into his past to see what he is hiding. It has never been a secret that he is a Meghan Markle fanboy and we’ve stated before that he is not a journalist. He hates on the other royals and calls them liars and racists. However, he has a few things that have been exposed over the years. We recently found a tweet on Twitter from YouTuber Tarot by Andie (@Thislilbirdies1) of a small snippet from some sort of newspaper or magazine which provides a look at how much his appearance has changed and a tiny look into his background before he became the ‘royal correspondent’ we know today.

[Credit: Lipstick Alley]

We’ve provided a better picture for reference but according to the clipping, Omid started out as a celebrity gossip writer for the magazine, Heat. A former workmate said:

He used to go to nightclubs with the glamour model Jodie Marsh. We never thought he would become friends with royalty.

The part ends in questioning if Meghan and Harry are still royals since they’ve been told not to use the HRHs.

Anyway, Instagram account, Markle News reposted a tweet from @Genivieve_talks where she found that Omid’s dad is fact, Caucasian. That’s not all. It is well and truly public knowledge, thanks to The Scottish Mail that Scobie is British-Iranian. An article by the LA Times says that people from Iran are classified as white but many people of the ethnicity do not agree and see themselves as People of Colour.

Depends On How The Parent Feels

Now, we don’t know which of Omid’s parents is Iranian and which is British. We also don’t know if this is how Omid’s mum and dad chose to raise him; as a person of colour or as white person. Now, we know, just by looking at Omid that he sees himself as Caucasian as he has used skin whitening products. The images are seen above but here’s another copy of them side-by-side and you can instantly see the difference:

[Credit: Tiaras and Houseplants]

However, we don’t have to keep digging to know he views himself to be a person of colour. He’s basically the male version of Meghan. But, she doesn’t bleach her skin. He does. He’s pulled a Michael Jackson who also bleached his skin. Though, the singer became a bit odd after he burned his hair during the filming of a Pepsi commercial.

Omid is just a spoilt brat who likes living it big when he’s just like everyone else who appears to have forced his way to the top of royal reporter totem pole.

The Lies About His Age

We all know Omid is Meghan’s lackey, but he is just as bad as she is. Richard Eden, a respected royal correspondent went on the record to say that Scobie lied about his age and has since called him out on it. Here’s what Eden posted to Twitter:

[Credit: @richardaeden -Twitter]

According to Eden’s tweet, Scobie told The Times he was 33. But, then he suddenly changed his tune and said he was 38. However, he was actually 39, making him the same age as Meghan. Who knows why he lies about his age is beyond us. Only he can explain that to the world.

Sure, the Sussex Squad will argue (and this is guaranteed) that he has his reasons, but that is not the point. Omid has been cancelling and shaming people. Even credible journalists are sick and tired of him. Look at what Richard Eden said in the above tweet as an example.

There is still a massive mystery surrounding how Omid moved through the royal reporting ranks so fast. From what we’ve seen, he reported on Catherine and William’s wedding in 2011 as reported in the Huffington Post. After this was he wasn’t that much of a royal editor. We hadn’t even heard of him until like a year ago when he kept jumping in to defend Meghan and wrote Finding Freedom.

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