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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally Continues To Dig Her Heels In

fake illness

Flo had better watch out because Sally is digging her heels in with her fake illness scam.

If you thought Thomas’ obsession to win Hope’s heart was scary, Sally’s plan to win back Wyatt is a doozy. As we’ve mentioned before, she’s created a fake illness using the symptoms she’d come down with. The shaking hands. The dizzy spells. According to what her doctor friend, Penny Escobar has said, the reason for those abnormalities is because the fashion designer was stressed and had nothing to do with her “pending death”. Also, the more Sally keeps digging her heels in, the further away Wyatt will be.

Flo Get Closer To The Truth

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Perhaps Thomas and Sally really do deserve each other. They’re both schemers who want someone they cannot have or don’t want them in the same way. However, next week’s episodes will be the beginning of Miss Spectra’s downfall as Flo confronts Doctor Escobar and attempts to get information from her.

She’ll likely run into a huge obstacle as there is a doctor/patient confidentiality clause when it comes to information. Though, Penny has said she feels physically ill with having put her medical career on the line for Sally despite her job not being her passion.

Given the good doc is under stress, there she may let something slip that she shouldn’t. We know Sally blames Flo for her losing Wyatt. She did call her a bitch today and it appears that she will do anything in her power to get Hope’s estranged cousin away from her ‘the love of her life’.

Flo is already suspicious of Sally after finding her on the floor and her talking so openly about Wyatt. We know that she will tell her boyfriend that his ex will need to move out of his house and he will be perplexed by this.

A Conversation With Zoe

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Zoe returned in today’s episode though her appearance had nothing to do with Thomas. She became a shoulder for Flo to lean on as she thought about Sally and her so-called illness. Much of the conversation surprised the model as she sat and listened. This was oddly nice to see as the last storyline to involve Thomas’ fake squeeze had a bitter ending for her.

Then, there was the whole Beth situation. We don’t care if Zoe was sorry for what happened. She should have thought about Hope and Liam and not how her father would go to prison. Anyway, to have her just be there as a friend to Flo was oddly refreshing, but more of that in a later post.

Sally Keeps Digging Her Heels In And Won’t Let Wyatt Go

scam illness; dig her heels in
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We know some of Sally’s happiest moments were with Wyatt, but if she keeps digging her heels in, she’ll lose him. According to an interview with actress Courtney Hope, the redheaded successor to her great aunt’s legacy is tired of coming last. While it’s totally understandable why she would feel this way, she needs to realise that she screwed up when she called her then-fiancée by his brother’s name.

She loves blaming everything on Flo because she appears to be this perfect woman for Wyatt as Quinn goes on about. But, what she needs to see is, her ex’s mother would be right about her. Does she really want to give the false Forrester matriarch the ammunition she needs to say “I told you so”?

If she truly loved Wyatt, she wouldn’t play with his feelings. Yes, he cares about her but his feelings for Flo have existed for much longer than he’s known, Sally. She needs to accept that.

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