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The Difference Between Actors And Their Characters

Why are some fans so caught up in thinking an actor is the same as their character?

It is easy to get swept away in the amazing stories that film and television bring us. However, there are fans that can’t tell the difference between an actor and the character they play. We’ve seen this so much on social media that we needed to say something about it. It is so annoying when stans of certain productions hate on a clearly fictional being for whatever reason.

We’ve covered how aggressive fans are in The Bold and the Beautiful fandom. Stans of Candice Patton/Iris West-Allen and Danielle Panabaker/Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost/Frost have been throwing insults at each other for years since The Flash started. These people who choose to pick on innocent actors who are merely doing their jobs don’t know the difference between real life better known as reality or reel life aka Hollywood.

Why Are Some Fans So Ignorant?

We’re not talking about all fans. There are a lot of people who know the difference between an actor and the character they play. One of those is Instagrammer, @hopebethspencer who posted this very important video:

[Credit: @hopebethspencer – Instagram]

They did this because fans keep thinking that Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester are real people and send Annika Noelle (who plays Hope) death threats and demeaning messages on Instagram. They fail to see that she and Jacqueline McInnes Wood (Steffy) are not rivals in real life and are actually close friends. Don’t believe us? Watch the video above.

People just don’t get it. Actors are normal human beings who are used to being in the spotlight. If you ever meet one at a public event like say comic con, will notice they are nothing like the characters they portray.

Stans who think the actor is the same as the character do not have anything better to do than to criticise and belittle people who are only doing their jobs. There is always the cry of ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and all this crap from those who idolise certain people when their imaginations are having a hard time keeping up with reality.

An Example Of Extreme Stans

We’ve covered this before (link above) but we’ll go over it briefly. The Flash actresses, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton are ‘feuding’, according to their stans.

These same people are finding ‘evidence’ and posting it to Twitter accusing Danielle (who is white) of being ‘racist’ towards Candice all so she [Panabaker] can be the lead actress on the series which is the role Patton plays as Iris West-Allen, the wife of lead character, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). These so-called fans have been making false claims for years and it is getting tiresome! It’s been almost seven years since The Flash debuted.

To make it even worse, Panabaker stans accuse Patton of being a ‘diva’ without so much as a single scrap of proof. Just because Candice doesn’t clap for Danielle’s directorial debut at San Diego Comic Con doesn’t mean she hates her.

We could go on about this, but we won’t as we know the difference between fact and fiction.

Desperate To Prove Their Point

We have had run ins with stans who have accused us of being ‘bias’ and ‘flaunting our white privilege’ and saying we don’t know anything about the situation. Excuse us while we vomit. *goes and vomits in the toilet* Okay, we’re done now.

These fans have no shame is calling people out who don’t agree with them. It is also individuals like this who have no real course in life but to degrade those who do know the difference between fact and fiction.

People who try to push their agendas onto others and then call them out when they don’t agree are no better than trolls who cause many of their victims to commit suicide. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion but please know the difference between real and fake.

Creating threads on Twitter with ‘evidence’ is not the way to go. You are not journalists, nor are you private investigators. People with the same mindset as you do will do anything to follow your lead. If you’re going to push your agenda, think about the other people involved and how it affects them.

The celebrities you worship didn’t ask you to be their saviours.

Back To Our Main Point

So, going back to the main point of this post, we want to say there is a difference between a real person playing a role and the character. The world is not a massive film or television production where every character is alive.

Please, if you’re going to get upset over something as trivial as a character not doing something you want, please don’t bitch about it online. Write a journal or something that is not all over the internet. No one cares if your favorite character is not with your top pick for a love interest. The actors who play them do not get a say and are only going off a script.

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