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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Did NOT Abandon Beth!

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We hate writing posts like this, but we have to say something! Hope did NOT abandon Beth during the whole Thomas/Douglas storyline! Here’s why we think that!

Seriously, what is it with Steam fans? They’re so desperate to run the extra mile to ensure their precious Steffy gets her man. In doing so, they’ll ‘call’ Hope out on every little thing like spending time with a kid who is not her own and not her own daughter whom she’d only just gotten back. Well, guess, what? We’re going to explain why Hope did NOT abandon Beth during the whole Thomas obsession storyline.


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Of all The Bold and the Beautiful fans who venture onto this blog, how many know a thing or two about child actors? Very few, apparently. We’re not calling anyone dumb or anything, we’re just stating a point that very few people mightn’t be aware of.

Baby actors can only be on set for a certain period of time. This is the reason multiple babies are cast in the same role. Look at the role of Kelly, for example. Since her birth in 2018, the eldest of Liam’s daughters has been portrayed by at least five child actors. There may have been more when she was a newborn, but these were uncredited.

Much of the time, multiple babies who don’t look alike, twins, or sometimes triplets are cast to give another child actor a break. Look at Beth as another example. The two little girls that play her currently look nothing alike. Sometimes they appear in the same episode at different times. One might appear at the beginning while another appears towards the end.

It’s been mentioned by a couple of the actors that there are two episodes filmed per day. So, if Beth appears in one episode towards the end, the same baby is used for the beginning of the next one and the second child is used at the end and so on.

Since the storyline does not include Beth too much, the babies playing her get a big break. However, that does not mean that the character has been abandoned by her mother.

Why Include A Character When They Have Little Need To Be There?

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Yes, we know it’s annoying when a character doesn’t appear for a long period of time. Honestly, we think Maya, Taylor, Xander, and Reese should have been taken out of the opening credits months ago as they haven’t appeared in forever! Anyway, back to why Hope did not abandon Beth.

Why should Beth be included in a storyline when it’s not necessary for her to be there? What would she do? Would she just throw toys at Thomas? If there’s no reason to be there, then she’s not there. It’s the same with every other character. If they’re not needed, why should they be there?

Hope was taking care of her daughter, OFF SCREEN! Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s the same with phone calls. Remember when the phone call came through that Caroline had died? Just because it happened off screen doesn’t it mean it didn’t happen.

Same applies when all that stuff was going on with the baby swap. Steffy spent more time with Phoebeth than she did Kelly because the story was about Beth. Not Kelly. However, it was really annoying because all Steffy could talk about was Phoebe and never her first daughter. Also, the eldest of Bill’s granddaughters was rarely mentioned during this storyline that went on for almost a year.

Hope Does NOT Favor Douglas Over Beth!

pushing parents together
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Say what you want about Hope, but she does NOT favor Douglas over Beth. The little boy she has now adopted helped her and Liam get their daughter back. She owes that kid everything. If it wasn’t for Caroline teaching him what was wrong and right, Beth might not be back with her parents right now.

The reason Hope is spending so much time with Douglas is because of Thomas’ manipulations. Also, the little guy is now Hope’s son via adoption. It might seem stupid because she’s not his biological mother, but what should it matter? Eric adopted Marcus when he was briefly married to Donna and Justin was obviously still alive. However, he would never use his son to get what he wants, Thomas has which is why Hope stepped in when she did.

Also, Douglas played a big role in the story, Beth did not. Hope did not abandon her daughter! She was being mentioned and cared for off-screen by someone. She didn’t hang her daughter out to dry! Hope adores her baby girl and so she should, especially since she’s only just gotten her back from Steffy and recovered from the trauma she suffered at the hands of Zoe’s dad who lied to her and SOLD her baby to an unsuspecting Steffy.

Steffy Wants To Be A Good Influence On Kelly

Is it possible that Steffy will break the cycle that started with her mother and Brooke? If she keeps her word, then yes. She and Hope don’t want their daughters to steal each other’s boyfriends the way it played out with them.

Many Steam fans feel like Steffy is playing second fiddle to Hope. This is incorrect on such a large scale! It’s the other way around. All Steffy ever did when she was younger was scheme to get Hope’s boyfriends the same way her mother, Taylor stole Ridge from Brooke.

It should be noted that when Steffy ordered Bill to trap Hope in the gondola, so she herself could marry Liam. Hope did not abandon her man! It was a ploy by the scheming mistress of man stealing. However, when Thomas forced her to kiss Liam ‘to take back her family’, she felt ‘guilty’ about it. While we don’t necessarily believe she did feel remorse, we can see she is willing to change for the sake of her daughter.

She wants Kelly to have a good relationship with Beth like she did with her own sister, the late Phoebe. While she might not have the little girl anymore, she still gets to see her. If Steffy is sincere and wants her daughter and Beth to have a relationship, she will need to set a good example and not plot against Hope every two weeks.

Would Douglas And Liam Allow Hope To Abandon Beth?

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The simple answer is no, they wouldn’t. Douglas adores Beth and since Hope adopted him, he is now the baby’s big brother, a title he loves above anything else. This also shows that Hope did not abandon her daughter during the whole Thomas debacle. Every time the little hero mentioned being a family with his parents, he always mentioned Beth.

Also, there is no way Liam would allow her to abandon their daughter. He knows how Beth’s ‘death’ affected her and would not allow her to give up Beth for Douglas. However, he now realises how important the boy is to her and has willingly accepted him for her, though he loves him just as much she does.

As Douglas states after his father’s plan is exposed, Liam has always been nice to him and has been more of a dad to him than Thomas has been. Not to mention, Bill’s eldest sons, which includes Wyatt had a close relationship with their cousin, Caroline, Douglas’ birth mother. They saw her as more of a sister than their cousin. If our memories serve us correctly, Liam is Douglas’ godfather.

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