Damned If He Does, But Damned If He Don’t – Prince Harry And The Unveiling Of The Princess Diana Statue

Diana statue

The unveiling of the Princess Diana Statue will be watched very closely…

Prince Harry is between a rock and a hard place right now. If he shows up for the Princess Diana Statue unveiling in July, then he’s only confirming what people are suspecting; a rift with his brother, William. However if he doesn’t make an appearance, he will be running away from his problems and not even attempting to make things right. Not to mention, the press and the public will be paying more attention to the body language between the pair more than the actual event.

If the brothers weren’t feuding then, everything would be fine and we wouldn’t be talking about this at all. But, given the circumstances, it’s easy to imagine both situations and how they would unfold. Harry needs to realise that he is not the only person who was affected by his mother’s passing. William, despite being older, struggled too. The Duke of Sussex never used to flaunt his struggles in public and knew to keep them to himself unless there was a reason to talk about it. For example, when he assisted his brother and sister-in-law in founding Heads Together which deals with mental health. However, now he uses Diana’s death as a part of his victim mentality card which is being spearheaded by his wife.

You don’t hear William going on about how he felt let down and didn’t get help. Catherine has always been encouraging towards her husband and has gotten him to be much more open with his mental health. Harry, however, is being told to use his issues as a way to garner sympathy.

Meghan’s Predictability

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There is no doubt to anyone who has been following the Sussex trainwreck that Meghan will find some way to make the Diana Statue unveiling all about her. Look at what happened with Prince Philip’s funeral as an example. Her PR lackeys revealed which wreath was hers and all the details surrounding it. Like, who the FUCK cares?! The day was meant to be about farewelling the Duke of Edinburgh but Markle simply didn’t give a crap. She couldn’t bear not being in the headlines for even a day! So much for saying that she and the Queen’s consort were ‘close’.

The Sussex Squad will go crazy for any information that the Duchess of Montecito – yes, we’re going there – will drop on the day. The attempt will try to the limelight from the event. For all we know, Meghan could try to tell people how she admired her late mother-in-law and wants to make her son happy and blah, blah, blah! She is so predictable. She already tried to steal Prince Louis’ thunder by having the paparazzi snap a photo of her and Archie and then drop it like, the day before the little guy’s birthday and just minutes before his parents had his photo posted.

Meghan even attempted to overshadow Catherine’s book launch with her own children’s book announcement. However, she fell flat on her face when her sister-in-law’s project became an instant bestseller. Man, she must be fuming. Good thing the Duchess of Cambridge is a class act who doesn’t care if her bratty in-law thinks of her as ‘the competition’.

If anything, the Sussex Squad won’t even care about the Diana Statue and what it means. After all, they only follow Meghan. It likely they didn’t care about the royals before Markle entered the scene.

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