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Oprah Interview: Executive Worked On Program That Viewed Photos Of Princess Diana As She Lay Dying In Car – Controversy

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Oprah really knows how pick her networks…

Prince Harry must really not care that the executive of the network which will air the Oprah interview showed images of his mother as she lay dying from the car crash that claimed her life in 1997.

According to the Daily Mail, Susan Zirinsky, the woman in the top job at CBS was involved in the 2004 program, 48 Hours Investigates which showed unseen images of Princess Diana as she lay breathing her last breaths after a car crash in a Parisian tunnel in August 1997.

At the time, when the images were shown, there was a massive uproar and for a good reason. Diana was a mother of two sons who were still mourning her, seven years after her death. A child never gets over the death of a parent, especially when they’re as young as Harry and William were when their mum died.

Harry was 12 at the time of Diana’s death while his brother was 15. Both have grieved for her in their own way. But choosing to broadcast an interview on the network that showed the Princess of Wales in her final moments is just disgusting.

It doesn’t matter if Oprah has ties to CBS or not. The interview should be shown on another network. God only knows what Earl Spencer would be thinking if he knew this.

Also, CBS has been riddled with allegations of racism, sexual harassment and sexism over the years. The tasteless choice to broadcast the interview from the network that showed Diana’s car crash should be seen one thing. A double middle finger to not just the monarchy, but the Spencer family as well.

Finally, Meghan also doesn’t care about how the choice affects her husband. He had to live through the agony of losing his mother in that car crash.

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